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Quick Takes: Partner programs

StoneFly Networks launches IP SAN Partner Program; MTI Technology has been tasked by France Telecom to consolidate storage; and Dantz backup software runs on Maxtor Personal Storage 5000 Family of external hard drive products.

StoneFly concentrates on partners for IP SANs

StoneFly Networks, San Diego, Calif., which makes IP SAN appliances, launched an IP SAN Partner Program this week. The company said the program is designed to ensure compatibility and optimized performance between StoneFly's new Storage Concentrators and a class of IP SAN products. The IP SAN Partner Program provides comprehensive testing, certification and joint marketing for host interconnects, storage management products and storage subsystems, the company said. StoneFly's Storage Concentrators, the i1000, i1500 and i1500FS, are appliances that enable companies to an IP network into a storage network. StoneFly's IP SAN Partner Program lets customers select from products ranging from TCP/IP Offload Engines (TOEs) and Storage Network Interface controllers, to disk-to-disk backup solutions, storage arrays.

StoneFly Networks

MTI scores consolidation gig

MTI Technology Corp., Anaheim, Calif., has been tasked by France Telecom to consolidate storage from its 1,400 servers into a SAN. The servers utilize 225 T Bytes of open systems storage and up to 60 T Bytes of mainframe storage. The project is part of an overall consolidation of France Telecom's IT environment, which includes multiple operating systems and platforms. When completed, about 100 UNIX and NT servers will handle the more than 400 simultaneous applications, the company said. So far MTI has installed three of its Vivant series SAN storage servers, with a combined capacity of 28 T Bytes.

MTI Technology Corp.

Dantz does external hard drives

Orinda, Calif.-based Dantz Development Corp., a provider of backup and restore software, announced the inclusion of its Dantz Retrospect Express backup software with the new Maxtor Personal Storage 5000 Family of external hard drive products. Maxtor selected Dantz Retrospect Express to power the new Maxtor OneTouch feature that copies files automatically to the 5000 drive. Compatible with both Windows and Macintosh, Maxtor¹s Personal Storage 5000 external hard drives with Retrospect Express are available now through Maxtor¹s network of nationwide retailers, as well as through Maxtor¹s online store.

Maxtor Corp.

Dantz Development Corp.

LSI ships new storage systems

LSI Logic Storage Systems Inc., Milpitas, Calif., announced the general availability of its E5600 and E5600HPCx storage systems. The E5600 storage systems, which are based on LSI Logic Storage Systems' 2Gbps Fibre Channel 5884 storage controller, enable HPC customers to process high-bandwidth programs and applications faster, LSI said. The E5600 and E5600HPCx modular enterprise storage systems deliver sustained data transfer rates of up to 3088 M Bytes/sec.

LSI Logic Storage Inc.

Smart silicon for storage

This week Aristos Logic, a Foothill Ranch, Calif., silicon maker unveiled its Intelligent Storage Processor technology. Developed specifically to address storage processing bottlenecks, the Intelligent Storage Processor technology is implemented using proprietary hardware engines that automate and accelerate time critical storage commands, according to Aristos Logic. The Intelligent Storage Processor technology is designed to be agnostic to I/O interfaces and can thus be readily adapted to a variety of host, disk and back-plane interfaces. Aristos Logic expects to announce FibreSlice, the company's first product incorporating the Intelligent Storage Processor technology later this year.

Aristos Logic

STORServer intros D2D backup appliances

STORServer Inc., Colorado Springs, Colo., a manufacturer of enterprise backup appliances, announced a line of disk-to-disk Backup Appliances featuring modular disk technology from Nexsan Technologies Inc., the industry leader in award-winning disk based storage solutions. STORServer will now offer a "D-Series" line of appliances, which will feature three new disk-to-disk-to-tape Backup Appliances; the D10000 the D20000 and the D30000. Nexsan will provide its 2 T Byte ATAboy2 modular disk subsystem for STORServer's new line of disk-based backup appliances, making the new D-Series an additional option to STORServer's existing integrated offerings.

STORServer Inc.

Nexsan Technologies Inc.

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