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Richard Scannell and trends

Richard Scannell and trends

Richard Scannell
VP, GlassHouse Technologies Inc., GlassHouse Technologies Inc.
Richard Scannell, co-founder of GlassHouse, serves as Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy. In his role, Richard is responsible for the development and execution of corporate strategy, client relationship development and marketing communications. Richard is a frequently requested speaker at key industry events, as well as a featured columnist and thought leader in such publications as STORAGE Magazine, Intelligent Enterprise and Byte and Switch. Richard has also written various articles in STORAGE magazine, including "How healthy is your corporate e-mail?" and "The well-oiled backup machine."

QUESTION: Do you see an increasing trend in web storage where users can get to their data/information from anywhere? How would this development effect an organization's (now and future) storage decisions? How do you strike a balance between corporate data vs. personal data taking into consideration security, performance and accessibility?

ANSWER: I have not seen any trend towards this at the enterprise level -- so I'll start to look for it now.

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