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Randy Kerns talks failure in disk arrays

Randy Kerns talks failure in disk arrays

Randy Kerns
Randy Kerns is our expert in network-attached storage (NAS). Randy is also a partner for The Evaluator Group..

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QUESTION: What do you recommend for protecting against failure of a disk array? We have replication via EMC SRDF but failover is not automatic. Do you use "duplex mirroring" via software RAID1 connecting to two disk arrays?

ANSWER: Failure in a disk array can happen and protection beyond the disk drive RAID protection may be necessary. Mirroring may be the answer. It can be done with software or through an appliance such as an in-the-data-path virtualization solution. You are correct in that you want the failover to be handled in some automated fashion. There's no easy answer, but I suggest you look into the mirroring options (not just software).

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