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EMC, Oracle team up for service

Two of the heavyweights in the IT space have joined together to solve common problems. EMC Corporation and Oracle Corporation announced a joint service center aimed at service support and problem resolution for their shared customers. Services will be provided free of charge for exsisting Oracle/EMC customers. caught up with EMC's Senior Vice President of Global Services Joseph Walton in an e-mail interview about the tag-team effort.

What kinds of product integration benefits can be gained by this joint effort?
Having both sets of engineers working side by side in a support capability will help identify ways in which we can create better, more integrated solutions. The end goal is to prevent issues before they can impact the customer. What are the major issues common between the database and storage? How will your services help those customers?
Some common issues are data corruptions, quick recovery from end-user or database administrator errors, and managing the growth of the database while maintaining consistent performance. The Oracle and EMC [service center] engineers work together to identify and anticipate potential service issues, while also responding to service issues from existing shared customers. What resources will users have available to them? Who is providing the bulk of the engineers?
Users will have top-level support engineers from both EMC and Oracle available to them. Calls will come into either support organization per the standard escalation processes both companies use today. When the issue is identified as one affecting both EMC and Oracle products, the call will be immediately routed to the [service center] for problem resolution. When will this service center be available to customers?
The Oracle and EMC joint service center is available to customers today.

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