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Who took our survey

This article describes the characteristics of the several hundred enterprise storage users and readers who responded to our recent 2002 storage industry survey and enterprise storage report card.

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A total of 631 members across a wide range of industries took our survey on customer attitudes about storage spending, emerging technologies and what's important to them in hardware and software vendor selection. Out of that number, a sample of 353 storage customer respondents was identified by their answer of "No" to the question of whether or not they were affiliated either directly or indirectly with a storage vendor. The findings in this report reflect the responses from this storage customer subset of 353 respondents.

Online research for this report was conducted in June and July 2002.

The majority of respondents in this sample (57.5%) represented large enterprise companies with 1,001 employees or more. Nearly one-quarter of respondents (24.4%) worked at large corporations with 10,000+ employees. A wide range of industries was also represented, including financial/banking/insurance/real estate/legal (15.6% of respondents) and government (12.5% of respondents). Healthcare and health service industries were also represented by 7.1% of respondents.

Nearly half of the respondents had a primary job function in IT, storage or network management. Three-quarters of the respondents also indicated they were involved in evaluating and recommending storage products in their organization. Nearly half (48.4%) indicated they were a technical decision maker.

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