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How to sidestep SAN implementation complexities

How to sidestep SAN implementation complexities

Join and expert Peter Galvin for an hour-long Live Expert Q&A on Monday, September 23, 1:00pm EDT (17:00 GMT), where he'll share his insights on "How to sidestep SAN implementation complexities."

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About "How to sidestep SAN implementation complexities":

Installing a storage area network (SAN) is no easy task. Data migration, new hardware and just plain networking are all potential points of failure. If you are considering a SAN, or about to install one, join the Chief Technologist of Corporate Technologies, Peter Galvin for a talk on the complexities of SAN implementation. Learn what it takes to install a SAN, what to watch out for and how to make this transition go as smooth as possible.

Whatever the case, if you're investing in SANs, you can't afford to miss this event with our resident SearchStorage expert. Please join Peter Galvin on Monday, Spetember 23 at 1pm EDT (17:00 GMT).

About Peter Galvin:

Peter Galvin is the Chief Technologist for Corporate Technologies, Inc. and was the Systems Manager for Brown University's Computer Science Department. He is currently the security columnist for SunWorld magazine, has written articles for various magazines including Byte and co-authored the Operating Systems Concepts textbook.

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