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Quick Takes: New tape technology on the way

Sony gets green light to make DLTtape media; Winchester and Sanbolic team for flash-based SAN-in-a-can; and Imation buys piece of new tape co.

Imation buys into new tape co.

Imation Corp., Oakdale, Minn., and O-Mass AS, a subsidiary of Tandberg Data ASA, a provider of tape drives and tape automation, announced they have penned a pact to develop a fast performing, high capacity tape drive based on a combination of magnetic and optical technologies. In addition, Imation will acquire a 12% stake in O-Mass AS for US $5 million, assuming contractual obligations are met. Imation and O-Mass are developing tape storage products based on a new technology that relies on magnetic writing and optical reading of standard magnetic tape, and is designed to improve the capacity and transfer rate of magnetic storage tape media. Under the terms of the agreement, Imation and O-Mass will develop and commercialize a tape drive and a corresponding tape cartridge with a native capacity of 1.2 T Bytes and a 64MB/sec native transfer rate. In addition to the 1.2TB capacity product, O-Mass and Imation have defined a product family roadmap to deliver a 20TB capacity product.

Tandberg Data

Imation Corp.

Sony gets green light to make DLTtape media

Sony Electronics, Park Ridge, N.J., announced that the company's global recording media business has received qualification from Quantum Corp. to manufacture DLTtape IV media. Sony DLTtape IV media uses half-inch MP (metal particle) tape in a single-reel cartridge, designed to store 40 G Bytes of data and to transfer data at up to 6 MB/s, when used in conjunction with Quantum's DLT 8000 drive. Compatibility also extends to Quantum's DLT 7000, DLT 4000, and DLT1 drives, as well as Benchmark Tape Innovation's ValuSmart Tape 80. Additionally, Sony DLTtape IV media is read-compatible with Quantum's industry-leading SDLT 220 and SDLT 320 drives, based on Super DLTtape technology, Sony said. Sony will be adding DLTtape IV to a roster of tape storage formats that it currently markets, including AIT, DDS, DTF, D8, LTO and Mammoth.

Sony Electronics

Quantum Corp.

Kodak peddles magnetic recording patents

Eastman Kodak Co., Rochester, N.Y., is offering its intellectual property on magnetic recording devices and materials for license to qualified candidates. Among Kodak's 150 recording patents are magnetic tape drives, hard disc drives, floppy disc drives, and recording media for each. The company's intellectual property on magnetics includes technologies in magnetic recording heads, magnetic media, head-media interfaces, head tracking, thin film processes, contact duplication, electromagnetic field detectors, currency authentication, magnetic viewers, security, and intelligent magnetics.

Eastman Kodak Co.

Pirus switches work with Brocade SANs

Acton, Mass.-based Pirus Networks Inc., a storage switch maker, announced that the Pirus PSX-1000 has been verified by Brocade as interoperable with Brocade Storage Area Networking (SAN) infrastructure in testing conducted through the Brocade Fabric Aware Program. The program is a testing and configuration initiative designed to foster SAN interoperability in multi-vendor Brocade SAN environments. In the testing configurations, the PSX-1000 enabled the extension of Fibre Channel SAN storage assets to applications and users across IP networks, the company said.

Pirus Networks Inc.

Brocade Fabric Aware Program

Virtual partners

StoreAge Networking Technologies Inc., an Irvine, Calif.-based provider of SAN Management software, announced interoperability certification between StoreAge's SVM (Storage Virtualization Manager) and BakBone Software's flagship backup and recovery software, NetVault. The certification offers customers a tested and supported solution that will automatically backup data in SAN environments, according to StoreAge. Controlled by user-defined procedures, the automated backup process uses StoreAge's multiView snapshot and multiCopy replication products to create instantly addressable volume copies, and then directs BakBone's NetVault software to backup that data.

StoreAge Networking Technologies Inc.

BakBone Software Inc.

Winchester and Sanbolic team for flash-based SAN-in-a-can

Winchester Systems Inc., Burlington, Mass., is offering Kayo, the volume sharing software from Sanbolic Inc., with their new "SAN-In-A-Box" solutions. Winchester said its FlashDisk SAN-In-A-Box eliminates the costly components of traditional switched Fabric SANs, while providing a simple way to get full SAN capabilities. A single FlashDisk SAN-In-A-Box supports up to six servers with up to 3 T Bytes per array. With the option of having 2 Fibre Channel and 4 SCSI ports in the same array, users can migrate to a switched fabric SAN if future requirements change. FlashDisk SAN-In-A-Box systems, with up to 13 T Bytes of total storage that supports up to 54 servers.

Winchester Systems Inc.

Sanbolic Inc.

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