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Secrets vendors don't want you to know

These humorous insights come from an anonymous IT staffer and tips contributor who's had his share of vendor dealings. Do you have your own to share?

We asked one IT staffer and tips contributor if he knew of a list of secrets vendors wouldn't want you to know when it comes to evaluating and choosing storage solutions. Here we present his list of humorous insights. To protect him from potential vendor backlash and allow him to be completely candid, we've allowed him to remain anonymous. See if you agree with his list...

  • Anything from storage books or about computers in general.
  • Other quotes from your network of industry peers
  • The latest Gartner, IDC, etc., report about them.
  • That you know Gartner, IDC exists.
  • That you weren't born yesterday.
  • That they're about to be bought out by a competitor.
  • That they talk about you with all the other storage vendors in town.
  • That the product doesn't actually technically exist yet.
  • That the product exists but it doesn't actually do what it says in the PowerPoint presentation yet.

Do you have your own top 10 vendor secrets you'd like to share? Send them in to SearchStorage. We'll add them to a future top ten vendor secrets column.

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