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ProvisionSoft debuts software for managing storage and servers

Up-and-coming software maker ProvisionSoft launched a new software tool this week that manages both servers and storage systems in enterprise data centers.

Storage software vendors are adding automation to storage resource management products on a daily basis, but, according to one analyst, ProvisionSoft seems to have found a way to set itself apart from the rest of the storage management pack.

The company, headquartered in Andover, Mass., has developed an enterprise resource management product that operates both storage and servers in data center environments.

According to ProvisionSoft's President, Joe Maloney, the software is based on a series of engines that sit on top of the tools users get when they buy hardware from vendors.

"Most packaged tools are basic and perform [tasks] like bringing on and taking down LUNs. We go one step beyond that." said Maloney.

DynamicIT predicts capacity usage based on historical data and reports on different levels of resource usage within an organization. The advantage is that DynamicIT provisions resources for both servers and storage.

Arun Taneja, senior analyst Milford, Mass.-based analyst firm the Enterprise Storage Group Inc., said ProvisionSoft has an advantage in a storage management market jammed with competition.

"They are focusing on provisioning and managing both storage and servers. In other words, the software will tell you when you need to add another web server, for instance, based on some performance or other threshold you set," he said. "No other storage software I know of does both."

However, the road to success in storage management is not without its obstacles.

"The market for enterprise storage management is awfully crowded already. ProvisionSoft seems to have a reasonable product, how well it does will heavily depend on sales and marketing to get the message out and build the right partnerships. That effort is non trivial in this miserable economy," Taneja said.

DynamicIT automates allocation of server resources from vendors including Sun Microsystems Inc., and Microsoft Corp., and storage resources from Hewlett-Packard Co.'s Compaq line and EMC Corp.

ProvisionSoft is in the process of adding support for hardware from an array of server and storage vendors.

DynamicIT will hit the streets on August 1, 2002.

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