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Storage Smarts Answer #23: Improved word processing

Are you storage savvy? Take our quiz and see how much you really know about storage.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Storage networking expert Christopher Poelker established a list of principal benefits of...

implementing a SAN. Which of the following is not on the list? a. Protect critical data b. Staff utilization for server management c. Management costs as a percentage of storage costs d. Reduce data center rack/floor space e. Improved word processing

Were you correct? This week's answer is:
e. Improved word processing

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Here is Christopher Poelker's list of principal benefits of implementing a SAN.

Increased disk utilization
Deferring disk procurement
Reduce data center rack/floor space
Tape procurement deferral
DR capabilities
Improved DR capabilities
On-line recoverability options
Staff utilization for server management
TB-per-DBA ratio decline
Mgmt costs as a percentage of storage costs
Improved overall availability
Increased life of current disk
Reduction of UNIX and NT servers
Improve LAN/WAN performance, avoid upgrades
Increase I/O performance, bulk data movement
Reduced storage maintenance
Reduce backup servers
Reduce/eliminate batch, backup windows
Improve/protect critical data
Non-disruptive scalability
Avoid data area network growth
Impact to new/migrating apps
No impact to applications development, testing
Extending life of servers
Reduce CPU load on servers
Support server clustering
Secondary security services
Vendor consolidation
Storage on-demand

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