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SANgate to debut portable dedicated data migration appliance

SANgate Systems will announce Monday a portable data migration product that it says eliminates much of the burden, complexity and cost associated with installing and reconfiguring storage. Available on Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Solaris systems, SANblaster S1000 is the first product from the Southborough, Mass.-based company.

The company made a slight shift in product direction when Patrick Courtin, president and CEO joined the company to replace former EMC executive Doron Kempel, who resigned in November after EMC won a temporary restraining order that bared Kempel from working at SANgate temporarily. EMC claimed Kempel violated the terms of a contract that said he wouldn't compete against EMC. SANgate argued that it didn't compete against EMC, but a judge found otherwise.

Courtin, who joined the company in December from Gensym Corp., said the original design of their first product was meant to compete in the mainframe space, which Courtin said was just too well-established for a start-up to make any headway. He said the S1000 is simply the company's original vision just "repackaged and redefined."

According to Courtin, the SANblaster S1000 is the industry's first dedicated data migration appliance. Courtin, a native of France, says in it's simplest form, the S1000 is the plastic tubing that would allow you to transfer the content of one bottle of wine to another bottle of wine. It doesn't make any difference what vineyard the wine is made from.

"Businesses benefit from the quick and safe migration of data, regardless of the brands of storage subsystems in place," said Courtin. "The S1000 is the first in a family of products to support the storage needs of heterogeneous or homogeneous environments."

SANblaster is designed to provide the user with a software framework to easily manage the entire migration process, from planning to conclusion. It also delivers a safe, high-speed data transfer—the S1000 can move data at a rate of 1T Bytes per hour. The combination of intuitive management tools and a fast transfer rate greatly shortens both the planning and execution time of a migration event and enables dramatic cost savings with each use.

"Data migration is often seen as a complex, lengthy process. It involves a long planning cycle, substantial human and financial resources, and the potential for considerable application downtime," said Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst at Enterprise Storage Group, Milford, Mass. "SANgate eases the data migration process with a complete, self-contained solution designed specifically for large scale migrations."

Users say that traditional data migration methods that rely on shared networks can put data safety at risk.

"Due to the dramatic growth in data storage requirements, data migration has become a costly and mission critical event," explained Mike Hogan, General Manager, Imation Storage Professional Services (SPS) and a beta user of the S1000. "The frequent and careful migration of data requires solutions that ease the time and cost, while providing a high degree of data safety and user control. SANgate's approach ensures safe migration of data as well as a significant improvement in transfer time."

The SANblaster S1000 supports Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Solaris operating environments. Future releases will support AIX, HP-UX, and other open systems operating systems. The S1000 enables both Fibre Channel and SCSI connectivity. Pricing starts at $60,000 and is configuration dependent. The SANblaster S1000 is generally available today.

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