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Storability sells SSP operations to StorageTek

Storability, a former storage service provider, has offloaded its excess baggage in order to focus on software. The company has sold its storage management services operation to Storage Technology Corp.

Storability Software, formerly known as Storability Inc., has fallen in step with the rest of the storage service provider pack and shed its managed services operations in order to focus its efforts on the storage management software market.

The Southborough, Mass.-based company announced Tuesday that it has finalized a sale of certain assets, including its AssuredStorage Operations Center (ASOC) and licenses for software technology associated with delivery of remote storage management and administration services to Storage Technology Corp., (StorageTek), of Louisville, Colo.

The sale caps Storability's planned transition from pioneer SSP to storage area management software specialist.

The terms of the sale were not made public at press time.

Joe Baldwin, StorageTek program manager, said Storability's ASOC and their storage management software fills out StorageTek's existing suite of storage management services.

Following a brief transition period, Storability Software will focus all of its resources on delivering SAM software.

Clipper Group analyst Michael Fisch said Storability's services business is viable, otherwise, he said, StorageTek would not have made the purchase.

But, he added, it certainly hasn't turned out like Storability -- or any other SSP -- thought it would.

"This new arrangement frees up scarce resources, [including] cash and management attention, to focus on becoming a major player in the growing SAM market," he said.

Storability's product, which is called the Global Storage Manager, the manages tape and archival back-up systems irrespective of their geographic location as well as SAN, NAS, DAS data.

Storability has shifted business models along with other SSPs that were not swept away by the fall of the dot-coms.

StorageNetworks Inc., Waltham, Mass., announced last May it would focus on software after it determined that offering its STORos v5.0 platform, the foundation that supports the company's storage management applications, was a better business move than offering storage services.

But it seems the idea of the SSP might have a future after all.

In an interview with SearchStorage last week, Veritas Software Corp.'s, Chief Technology Officer Paul Borril, said the SSP model could resurface as a response to a lack of storage talent.

"All of the [SSPs] have either died or changed models radically, but that might change in the long term," Borril said. "Inevitably, if the complexity of managing storage is not solved [through technology] we're going to feel pressure to centralize the expertise to manage that complexity, which was the [SSP's] original model. It might be 10 years down the road, but in the long term SSPs could be successful with their original business model if we don't solve the complexity problem."

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