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Quick Takes: Going the distance with SANs

LightSand launches for long-distance SANs; CNT gets two-thumbs up from Brocade; and, SGI simplifies high-performance data sharing, SAN deployment.

LightSand launches for long-distance SANs

LightSand, Milipitas, Calif., spent the past two-and-a-half years developing what it calls the next generation in remote extension products for storage area networks (SANs). The company launched with it's signature S-600 and S-2500 switching gateway products at the Brocade conference in Las Vegas last week. Designed to interconnect geographically separate data centers, the S-600 and S-2500 technology is based on the company's patent-pending OPX chip, a multi-protocol switching device that supports Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet and SONET on one fully customized processor. The chip connects Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet on the local data center side, and uses SONET or IP to extend the SAN fabric over the wide area network (WAN). The company says each gateway product provides synchronous and asynchronous mirroring, point-in-time "snapshot" copy, large-scale data movement and remote tape backup. The S-2500 can support up to three LAN/SAN signals, while the S-600 can support up to two signals. LightSand

CNT gets two-thumbs up from Brocade

CNT Corp., Minneapolis, Minn., and Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., San Jose, Calif., recently announced joint initiatives in the area of SAN interoperability and services. One announcement verified that CNT's UltraNet Edge Storage Router is interoperable with the Brocade-based SAN infrastructure. The router helps reduce TCO by leveraging the lower-cost bandwidth offered by IP networks and the performance incentives of Fiber Channel to internetwork SANs using FCIP technology. The end-to-end interoperability testing was conducted through Brocade's Fabric Aware Program. A second announcement stated that CNT has become a Brocade Professional Services Provider (PSP). Brocade says the PSP program is designed to qualify consulting firms and systems integrators to deliver professional services in all phases of the SAN life cycle - from strategy and design to implementation and management. CNT Brocade

SGI simplifies high-performance data sharing, SAN deployment

SGI, Mountain View, Calif., announced the availability of SGI CXFS 2.1 shared filesystem software for multiplatform SANs. It currently supports Sun, Solaris and Windows NT operating systems. Through the CXFS software, multiple computers running different operating systems have direct and simultaneous access to a single shared, 64-bit filesystem at local or near-local speeds. Combined with SGI's new turnkey SAN solution, SGI SAN Server 1000, the CXFS software may be integrated with SAN hardware for multiplatform file sharing. The company says CXFS makes it easier for system administrators to manage their data-intensive workflow more efficiently and cost effectively.

The SAN Server 1000 is a fully-integrated SAN solution, which leverages file sharing and high-performance data management for simpler SAN deployment. SGI says this solution eliminates the complexity of having to choose and integrate individual hardware and software components. SGI

CreekPath developing AIM Suite for storage management

CreekPath Systems, Longmont, Colo., is developing the CreekPath AIM(Application Intelligent Management) Suite, a storage management solution designed to deliver simplified and cost effective heterogeneous storage management. The company says this management application provides a "single pane of glass" user interface. It offers storage policy management (SPM), including CreekPath Guardrails to minimize human error, process automation managers (PAMs) for provisioning and enhanced security, storage node management (SNM) for automatic discover and multiple views, and storage resource management (SRM) for real-time monitoring and utilization reporting. The initial components of the CreekPath AIM Suite are the CreekPath StoragePoolAdvisor, which combines SNM, SRM, visualization and virtualization in one solution for mapping and monitoring the network's health and performance, and the CreekPath StoragePool PAMs. The company currently has 10 customers implementing the beta phase of the AIM Suite.


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