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ADIC mixes it up with maximum capacity tape libraries

Advanced Digital Information Corp., Redmond, Wash., announced Thursday that the maximum-capacity models of its new Scalar 10K enterprise storage library are now support all of its tape technologies.

The Scalar 10K can now handle the LTO Ultrium (LTO), SuperDLT (SDLT), and Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) formats, in both single-media and mixed-media configurations.

Maximum capacity Scalar 10K models can hold up to 15,885 cartridges and can support hundreds of tape drives, according to ADIC. The tower storage units used by the Scalar provide up to 13.2T Bytes of storage capacity per square foot, which means the library capacities are 958.2T Bytes for LTO, 881.5 T Bytes for Super DLT, and 1,588.5T Bytes for AIT-3 technology.

Bill Britts, ADIC executive vice president of sales and marketing said that while the capacities are staggering, it is just as important to integrate a high availability architecture and storage networking tools to support large-scale data consolidation and reduce administrative overhead. He said the Scalar 10K does just that.

The Scalar 10K tape library is available now in single media or mixed media models. In addition to maximum capacity models, the library is also available in capacity-on-demand configurations, which allow users to upgrade the library?s capacity in 100-tape slot increments using software keys, ADIC said.

In his latest report on the tape market, Bob Abraham, president of Freeman Reports, an Ojai, Calif., analyst firm, said a constant parade of enhancements continues to boost tape's performance while lowering cost. Most developments focus around tape media, drives, robotics and software will enhance library performance, stated Abraham.

According to Abraham, the size of the total tape library market is projected to swell from 63,460 units in 2001 to 134,795 unites in 2007. Revenue is expected to grow from $2.15 billion to $3.6 billion during that time.

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