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Vixel puts switches on a chip and StorageTek has virtual disasters in-hand.

Vixel puts switches on a chip

Vixel Corp., Bothell, Wash., announced the general availability of its InSpeed Embedded Storage Switch product line. The new 2 G-Bit/sec switches, which are available in ASIC, or switch-on-a-chip (SOC), blade and box formats, are Vixel's first available back-end embedded storage switches, enabling improved system reliability and overcome connectivity performance bottlenecks in the back end of RAID, NAS, tape and next generation super scalar storage system architectures, Vixel said. Vixel?s InSpeed Embedded Storage Switches can be applied to intra-shelf switching to connect the drives within the disk drawers, changing the architecture from the standard JBOD to a SBOD (Switched Bunch Of Disks). The switches can also be used for inter-shelf switching to connect the RAID controller to the drive drawers in a ?Backend Switch? implementation, using InSpeed Embedded Storage Switches in a Box, Blade or ASIC format.

Vixel Corp.

StorageTek has virtual disasters in-hand

Louisville, Colo.-based Storage Technology Corp. (StorageTek) has a new disaster recovery offering for its Virtual Storage Manager system. The product, called the VSM Disaster Recovery Solution, has added support for off-site vaulting, local or remote data transfer, and management and retrieval between VSM sites. StorageTek said the VSM solves the issues of inefficient tape usage. The VSM Disaster Recovery Solution is available now. Installation, training and support are available from StorageTek Global Professional Services and StorageTek-certified service partners.

Storage Technology Corp.

At your service, EMC

Forsythe Solutions Group Inc., Skokie, Ill., has become a member of the EMC Corp., Authorized Services Network. As a member, Forsythe has been trained and qualified by EMC, Hopkinton, Mass., to deliver storage networking professional services. Forsythe will provide storage networking services for implementation and service of EMC systems.

Forsythe Solutions Group Inc.

EMC Corp.

Partners in InfiniBand

San Diego, Calif.-headquartered JNI Corp. the first company to introduce 10 Gb InfiniBand HCA Modules, and Lane15 Software Inc., a provider of InfiniBand management software, announced a strategic alliance covering the use of Lane15 technology with JNI HCA Modules and future InfiniBand software products. Lane15 and JNI will provide integration with the Lane15 Fabric Manager for current and future JNI InfiniStar HCA Modules as well as future JNI bridging products, such as products bridging InfiniBand to Fibre Channel storage networks. JNI and Lane15 will also develop software and solutions enabling JNI products to run in Windows cluster environments. JNI and Lane15 will work jointly on long-term InfiniBand-related developments as the market evolves and matures, JNI said. Lane15 Software Inc.

JNI Corp.

To the moon, Alice

Network-attached storage hardware and software specialist Tricord Systems Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., announced NFS support for Lunar Flare NAS. The addition of the NFS protocol, lets Lunar Flare NAS support NFS (UNIX), CIFS (Windows), AFP (Apple), HTTP, and FTP for user access to storage shares.

Tricord Systems Inc.

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