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Remove the fly from your storage alphabet soup

Where-oh-where does the storage industry get all of those terms and acronyms? They can't all derive from the great Greek language. Is there any way to possibly keep up? SearchStorage is does its best to get a handle on all of the storage terms.

In the recently released movie "My Big, Fat, Greek Wedding", the father of the bride Gus Portokalos, a clear Greek jingoist, believes every word from every language is rooted in Greek. He continually asks his daughter's friends to stump him with words that are not derivates of Greek. For every attempt, of course, there is an answer, correct or not.

But here are some words and terms that I would throw at Mr. Portokalos; Exabyte, disk duplexing, shadow RAM, giant magnetoresistive effect -- just to name a few. Then I'd really stump him and ask him for the definition and etymology of virtualization. (Let's see how far he gets with that one.)

If, for some strange reason Mr. Portokalos cannot answer the mystery of those words and terms, maybe SearchStorage can help. We have done our best to compile a glossary of storage-only terms. We run through the storage dictionary A-Z, arrays through InfiniBand through RAID.

So if you aren't like Mr. Portokalos and find yourself scratching your head about the genesis or meaning of an industry term, take a look at our SearchStorage Alphabet Soup of Acronyms and Terms glossary. Hopefully, we can save you some time and aggravation.

Although we are not yet Webster's, we are continually adding to this glossary every week with new words and terms as the vendors make them up -- I mean -- as they become storage industry lexicon. But, if you see a term that really should be there that isn't, e-mail us.

Pass the Baklava, please.

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