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Legato debuts Oracle snapshots for NetApp filers

Legato Systems is something of a photog. The company has a new backup solution that takes snapshots of Oracle databases running on Network Appliance filers.

Storage management software vendor Legato Systems Inc., has gotten into the business of taking snapshots of Oracle databases on Network Appliance Inc.'s, line of network-attached storage devices.

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Mountain View, Calif.-based Legato announced the availability of the Legato NetWorker PowerSnap Solution for NetApp, which provides online snapshot backup and recovery of Oracle databases stored on NetApp storage systems.

Legato said this represents the first in a series of NetWorker PowerSnap products that utilize storage-based snapshots for online data protection.

Michael J. Fisch, senior analyst, The Clipper Group Inc., Wellesley, Mass., put it simple terms. The bottom line is Legato's PowerSnap for NetApp will mean little or no downtime during tape backups for Oracle users running on NetApp filers, he said.

The new PowerSnap product was released on the heels of its official acquisition of Rockville, Maryland-based OTG Software Inc., a maker of data storage, data access and email management software.

Legato sealed the deal on Tuesday, after receiving shareholder approval for the deal.

NetApp's Vice President of Marketing, Ray Villeneuve, said working with Legato and Oracle gives NetApp customers more flexibility and improved disaster recovery capabilities.

NetWorker PowerSnap for NetApp performs instant, incremental snapshot backups on an hourly basis to lower exposure to database corruption errors. Legato said databases can be recovered in minutes.

For disaster recovery, full, serverless backups are automatically sent to tape. Data travels directly from the NetApp Filer to tape devices, so that Oracle database server performance does not take a performance hit, according to Legato.

PowerSnap for NetApp combines the host-based component of Legato NetWorker PowerSnap Module for Oracle with the storage-based component of Legato NetWorker PowerSnap for NetApp, and leverages NetApp Filers and NetApp SnapShots. The configuration has been validated by Oracle?s Storage Compatibility Program (OSCP).

Legato said, as the host-based component, NetWorker PowerSnap Module for Oracle provides database integrity during snapshot and full backups and facilitates database recovery using snapshot roll back or NetApp?s SnapRestore. While, as the storage-based component, NetWorker PowerSnap for NetApp manages NetApp Snapshots via the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP). Legato NetWorker automatically manages both components during backup and recovery operations of Oracle databases.

Legato plans to integrate OTG's automation, and content and e-mail management technology into its own product line.

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