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Duplessie asks, EMC answers

Duplessie asks, EMC answers

Industry analyst and founder of the Enterprise Storage Group (ESG), Steve Duplessie sat down with EMC's Vice President of Global Alliances Donald Swatik and asked him about WideSky and how EMC fits in to the storage puzzle.

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Dig Deeper on Storage vendors

EMC's Mark Lewis defends reverse engineering

Mark Lewis spent a fair amount of time commenting on EMC and its storage strategy when he was head of storage at Compaq and later Hewlett-Packard. Now that he's in the EMC camp as the company's chief technology officer, he admits his position has changed -- but he says his position has shifted only because the Hopkinton, Mass.-based company's direction has changed.

EMC has continued its quest for the brass ring in storage management with its "Chapter Two" announcement regarding AutoIS last week. The company unleashed eight new or newly beefed-up software tools for storage management last week, most of which included management support for storage arrays from competing vendors.

Lewis sat down with prior to the announcement to explain how he sees this new strategy of cooperation playing out.

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