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TechTarget's security research bonanza

Beyond its own set of storage security resources, searchStorage also collected the best on security from elsewhere in the TechTarget community and assembled it here.

Beyond our own sampling of storage security resources, searchStorage also took a look at other popular security items that appeared recently on many of our sister sites in the TechTarget IT portfolio. (Well, okay, we actually picked the brains of the other patient site editors and then assembled a good tally below...)

Here is a sampling of some of the most popular and well-received security research items that have appeared on searchDatabase, searchWindowsManageability, searchSecurity and searchNetworking:

    Popular security information from searchDatabase...
  • Data security. The title of this featured topic from our sister site,, seems deceptively simple but is surprisingly robust. Included are such resources as links to a recent audio event with searchDatabase datawarehousing expert Shaku Atre on datawarehouse security. You'll also find links to more details on Oracle security considerations.

    Popular security planning guide from searchWindowsManageability...
  • Top 10 steps to a strong security plan. Devising one catch-all security planning checklist that every type of company could use is well nigh impossible. The need for a baseline guide, however, is great, so searchWindowsManageability asked a security expert to share his security checklist.
  • Top 10 database security headaches. What's the worst thing about being a database security manager? Protegrity, Inc. polled users of their Secure Data privacy-management products and shared this list of ten reasons to take an Advil on the job.
  • Migration, security, and the economy top 2002 management scene. SearchWindowsManageability put together some predictions for what to expect in 2002. An analyst even predicts that hopes for a happy new year will be realized in an economic comeback.
  • New software authorizes user network entry. Meetinghouse Data Communications, Inc. announced recently the availability of its 802.1X authentication software for Windows NT/2000. It promises to secure local area network (LAN) end-user access via encryption technology. See what SearchWindowsManageability had to say about this release.
  • Database security dos and don'ts. Network-centric security measures won't keep hackers from entering the database and corrupting or stealing valuable information. Two database security experts describe the top five ways to bulletproof your database.
  • Security risks of remote software updates. SearchWindowsManageability expert Scott Blake addressed some customer fears about updating software remotely.

    Popular security information from searchSecurity...
  • Firewall management rates #2 in TechTarget readers' minds! Firewall management rated second behind e-mail security in a TechTarget 2001 year-end survey. If you're concerned about managing your company's firewalls, check out this searchSecurity Featured Topic.
  • Top 10 security tips.SearchSecurity's readers picked the top 10 tips related to security. They cover everything from "Managing the patchwork mess," to "Protecting workstations."
  • 2002 predictions. SearchSecurity's own panel of experts and consultants tried their hand at predicting the future this year for security.
  • Careers in IT security. What kind of professional future does an IT security specialist have in today's organization? Check out this featured topic and find out.
  • Security Top 10. Do you know the top 10 major security areas impacting your IT group? Our searchSecurity team came up with a good list of areas you should be aware of. What's #1 on their list? Is it the same as what tops your own?
  • A few other good ones from searchSecurity: Intrusion detection, Virus busters!, and Play it safe: Teach employees about security.

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