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Quick Takes: A NAS New Year

Maxtor debuts 1U NAS; POP goes the NAS; Compaq tests the UltraNet ; and Dot Hill scores Glenayre deal.

Maxtor debuts 1U NAS

Maxtor Corp., Milpitas, Calif., boosted the capacity of its NAS box for the workgroup with the debut of the 640G Byte MaxAttachNAS 4300. Maxtor said the new, Windows powered, 1U-high rack-mountable systems fulfill storage needs for cross-platform file sharing, high-speed data backup and restoration, email archiving and server consolidation. It is also available in a 480G Byte configuration. The new MaxAttach features up to 60% more storage capacity than the previous generation's 400G Byte capacity. In addition, these new storage servers have evaluation copies of MaxAttach EMS and MaxAttach SVS email archiving and storage virtualization software pre-loaded, Maxtor said. Maxtor's MaxAttach NAS 4300 480G Byte and 640G Byte models are priced at $4,499 and $5,499 MSRP and are now available worldwide.

Maxtor Corp.

POP goes the NAS

San Clemente, Calif.-based FIA Storage Systems, added a data replication feature to its POPnetserver family of NAS systems. FIA said the POP DataReplicator software utility safeguards businesses from data loss by providing secure, automated backup and restoration of Windows client data to any POPnetserver device within the network. POP DataReplicator will be included free of charge with the purchase of every POPnetserver product. The POPnetserver 2000 and 4000 have starting prices of $795 and $1,495, respectively. FIA Storage Systems

Not Gandalf, another wizard

NovaStor Corp., Simi Valley, Calif., launched a Disk Configuration Wizard for its NovaNET 8.5 backup software to speed backup to high-speed hard disk-based storage devices. The company said NovaStor's NovaNET 8.5 product now supports both tape and disk-based backup devices in its product line. NovaStor's Disk Configuration Wizard is a program that runs with the company's NovaNET 8.5 backup software to designate certain local or network hard disks as backup devices. Once the hard disk is identified as a backup device, data from end user PCs and network servers can be backed up to that device, the company said. The Disk Configuration Wizard works with the Windows and NetWare supported products in the NovaNET 8.5 product line. The Disk Configuration Wizard can be downloaded free from NovaStor's web site.

NovaStor Corp.

Compaq tests the UltraNet

Computer Networking Technology Corp., Minneapolis, Minn., said Compaq Computer Corp., Houston, Texas, has qualified CNT's UltraNet Edge Storage Router for interoperability for data replication in open systems environments. CNT's UltraNet Edge Storage Router enables Compaq's SANworks Data Replication Manager (DRM) disk mirroring between Compaq StorageWorks RAID arrays in local-, metro-, and wide-area environments. The CNT-Compaq combination provides a complete storage networking solution for high-speed data migration, replication and business continuity applications, using the lower-cost bandwidth available in IP/Ethernet infrastructures.

Computer Networking Technology Corp.

Compaq Computer Corp.

Dot Hill scores Glenayre deal

Dot Hill Systems Corp., Carlsbad, Calif., announced that Glenayre Electronics Inc., a Charlotte, N.C.- headquartered supplier unified communications solutions, has picked Dot Hill's SANnet as the storage component for its next-generation unified communications platform. SANnet, Dot Hill's family of storage systems, contains hardware that is fully integrated with software and network-enabling accessories. Additionally, each SANnet solution comprises mix-and-match components that can be customized by interface, capacity requirements, type of RAID protection, and level of fault-tolerance, the company said.

Dot Hill Systems Corp.

Glenayre Electronics Inc.

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