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Quick Takes: In tune with applications

Adaptec debuts new ASIC technology and Precise Software Solutions announces a global reseller agreement for its application performance tuning products with Hewlett-Packard.

Adaptec debuts new ASIC technology

Adaptec Inc., Milpitas, Claif., unveiled a technology at the heart of a new ASIC that optimizes Ultra320 SCSI performance by bolstering data transfer rates and minimizing the overhead of handling data and commands under the Ultra320 SCSI protocol, the company said. Adaptec's new Seamless Streaming technology allows a SCSI target, such as a disk drive, to stream packets of data for different commands with minimum switching time. To streamline data and command management, Seamless Streaming technology sends multiple commands in a single connection, eliminates latency between the commands and allows up to 512 commands to be rapidly retrieved from its matrix command management queue. Adaptec said.

Adaptec Inc.

In tune with applications

Precise Software Solutions Ltd., Westwood, Mass., announced a global reseller agreement for its application performance tuning products with Hewlett-Packard Co. Precise's tuning tools support the HP Surestore XP disk array storage systems, Oracle database environments, Oracle Applications and SAP R/3 ERP applications. This agreement follows Precise's launch, in August 2001, of Precise/Crosspoint for the HP Surestore XP disk array family. An evaluation copy of Precise's suite of application performance tuning software solutions will be included with every shipment of HP Surestore Performance Advisor XP software. Precise will also collaborate with HP on joint marketing, sales, training, and technical development programs.

Precise Software Solutions Ltd.

Hewlett-Packard Co.

In a flash

Burlington, Mass.-basedWinchester Systems Inc., and BitMicro Networks Inc., Fremont, Calif., a flash solid state disk drive maker, announced a strategic collaboration to deliver FlashDisk storage systems equipped with BitMicro's E-Disk technology addressing both the commercial and military markets. Winchester's FlashDisk, is an OpenRAID storage subsystem that works with any open platform mid-range server, the company said. FlashDisk also supports both point-to-point Fibre connections and Switched. Winchester Systems said FlashDisk provides the speed that organizations need for sequential applications including multimedia, web servers, imaging, prepress, and backup and for processing intensive transaction applications, such as Oracle, Sybase, ClearCase, and other manufacturing, financial, and database applications.

Winchester Systems Inc.

BitMicro Networks Inc.

Bangers, mash and storage resource management

TrelliSoft Inc., Glen Ellyn, Ill., a provider of multi-platform storage resource management (SRM) software, announced the opening of TrelliSoft U.K. Ltd., as part of its global expansion. TrelliSoft U.K. Limited will headquarter TrelliSoft's operations for U.K. and Europe. Based in Manchester, TrelliSoft U.K. Limited will provide a local sales, support, and services presence for the US-based SRM solution provider. In addition to providing a control center for direct sales and support organizations, TrelliSoft U.K. Limited will spearhead TrelliSoft's Channels Sales operations for the UK and Europe.

TrelliSoft Inc.

How suite it is

Software Engineering of America Inc., announced its Enterprise Solution Suite is available to Data centers worldwide. SEA's Enterprise Solutions Suite consists of the storage products NSM, Harbor Back-up, HFT, SMM, and the Enterprise Agent Suite with the software manufactured by Tantia Technologies.

Software Engineering of America Inc.

Tantia Technologies Inc.

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