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The FCIA tightens Fibre Channel standards conformance

The FCIA has released a new set of conformance documents designed to eliminate the Fibre Channel interoperability implementation hassles. But, vendors will have to do their homework if they want to pass this test.

In an effort to make Fibre Channel solutions easier to manage, the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA) has released a new set of conformance documents for its SANmark Qualified Program. The program sets the latest testing standards for Fibre Channel interoperability and compatibility.

According to Randy Kerns, analyst for the Evaluator Group Inc., a Colorado-based analyst firm, the two new tests, the SCD-2001 and SCD-2003, ensure that a storage switch, HBA or other component will interoperate in any fabric environment.

"This is the next step in the SANmark program," said Kerns. "[The tests] require more detailed, stringent conformance and are tough to pass."

The first system vendor to hurdle the test suites comes from Milpitas, Calif. LSI Logic Storage Systems Inc., announced Monday that its E-Series storage systems were first to achieve the SANmark Qualification for the SCD-2003 and SCD-2001 test suites.

According the FCIA, the SANmark Qualified Program is aimed at making p>

SCD-2001v2 is a small set of tests that addresses problem areas noted in the past and SCD-2003v1 is designed around the fabric, name server login procedure, and registration.

SANmark Conformance Documents provide "pass-fail" criteria to quantify mainstream measurable product characteristics that are consensus approved among open industry contributors who invest in the SANmark program. Criteria that LSI said are important in the eyes of the customer.

"By specifying SANmark qualified solutions in every procurement and proposal request, users can insure that all conscientious storage vendors get on board," said Flavio Santoni, vice president of sales and marketing for LSI Logic.

The FCIA periodically updates and expands the SANmark test suite with more device types or additional functionality.

Kerns said that while LSI Logic dedicated the resources toward passing the tests first, other HBA and switch vendors will soon follow suit.

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