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Ford, BellSouth gear up with EMC

Industry giants Ford and BellSouth have contracted with EMC for its high-end storage products. The deals mean that EMC will work side-by-side with StorageNetworks.

EMC Corp., scored a pair of year-end storage contracts this week that will put its storage systems and software side by side with storage management technology and services from StorageNetworks Inc.

The world's second largest automobile and truck maker, Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, Mich., and Atlanta-based telecommunications provider BellSouth Corp., both announced plans to implement new storage devices and software from Hopkinton, Mass.-headquartered EMC.

Both companies outsource storage services to StorageNetworks.

Ford's new system consists of EMC Enterprise Storage, EMC business continuity and management software and EMC Global Services and is aimed at reducing the recovery time.

Ford is using EMC Symmetrix Data Remote Facility (SRDF) software to protect 260T Bytes of Symmetrix Enterprise Storage supporting marketing, financial, manufacturing, product development and other applications in Ford's IBM mainframe environment.

EMC provides about 500T Bytes of storage to Ford's mainframe and open systems environments worldwide.

Michele Ortner, supervisor disaster backup/recovery planning and security said Ford implemented EMC gear for disaster recovery because of problems it experienced during initial disaster recovery testing using another vendor's product, which they outsourced.

"During hot site testing we would be missing data and tapes, tapes were not stored in the remote silos, applications would change but the disaster recovery backups would not reflect these changes," said Ortner. "We decided to bring our disaster recovery solution for the mainframes in house."

Ford synchronously mirrors data from one data center to another for disaster recovery.

BellSouth is featuring EMC's systems and software as part of its E-Platform offering for Web hosting and enterprise customers for BellSouth Managed Storage Services.

BellSouth will deploy EMC's Clariion and Symmetrix Storage systems and software, including EMC TimeFinder, SRDF and ControlCenter, as part of BellSouth Managed Storage Services. BellSouth's storage services include primary disk storage and back-up and restore services.

BellSouth said this expands its capabilities to support a variety of storage technology providers.

StorageNetworks partnered with BellSouth in October to provide its STORos operating system, STORvision command and control software and Virtual Storage Portal (VSP) software as an operating infrastructure layer for the BellSouth's newly Storage-Enabled Network (SEN).

According to BellSouth spokesperson Brent Fowler, StorageNetworks and EMC work hand-in-hand within BellSouth's E-Platform and as part of BellSouth Managed Storage Services.

"StorageNetworks is the operating system for the storage platform and is hardware agnostic, meaning it works with multiple hardware devices," said Fowler. "BellSouth will utilize both EMC and [StorageNetworks] to build a best-of-breed storage solution for customers."

In May, Ford entered a deal with StorageNetworks to deploy its STORManage, DataPacs and other professional services to upgrade existing hardware and software.

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