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New tools manage availability and response time of end-users

New software monitoring tools let storage administrators proactively check out what's happening on the front end and collect all sorts of related data.

Storage management company Fujitsu Softek, a subsidiary of Fujitsu Limited, has introduced software products that enable storage managers to quickly diagnose performance problems and continuously monitor mission critical applications and information.

The three new products, Softek EnView, Softek Server Monitor, and Softek Reporter, are designed to offer continuous end-to-end views of service levels throughout the enterprise.

According to the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Fujitsu Softek, its EnView software allows companies to get a continuous view of the end user experience -- across any application from mainframe to open systems. The Softek Server Monitor software proactively gauges performance and capacity throughout the server infrastructure and the Softek Reporter software allows customers to automatically correlate all types of data and post it to the Web.

The three products work in tandem or can be installed separately.

The products are in the service management segment of the market, which according to Gartner Dataquest will grow about 32% within the next three years.

"It's all about managing the quality of experience for the end user," said Tim Grieser, Research Director, Enterprise Systems Management Software for the Framingham, Mass.-based International Data Corp. (IDC).

"Software products like Fujitsu Softek's EnView can provide the ability to monitor the availability and response time experienced by end-users when running key business transactions -- or even e-mail," Grieser said. "Software products that can measure and report service levels perceived by internal and external customers are becoming increasingly important as business management tools, especially as the use of formal Service Level Agreements increases."

Softek EnView software now includes three major enhancements: Softek EnView Probable Cause information; an improved Softek EnView GUI interface; and Softek EnView Centralized Administration of assets.

The web-based EnView GUI displays results in real time. Embedded Rational Software tools and built-in Softek EnView EasyScript tools provide simplified script capture, playback, and maintenance.

The Softek EnView Centralized Administration facility distributes and

maintains the scripts and automatically updates the performance thresholds.

The new Softek Server Monitor product simplifies performance management and capacity planning for large mixed server networks, enabling users to quickly diagnose problems and get maximum output from the minimum amount of server resources, the company said.

According to the company, Softek Server Monitor can be installed on a variety of servers. It proactively collects performance data from Unix, Windows, and Linux-based platforms from a single console, and automatically stores the information in a central Oracle or SQL Server-based repository to pinpoint server performance issues before they become critical.

The Softek Reporter product is a Web-enabled data correlation, analysis and reporting tool specifically designed for the entire enterprise, the company said. The software employs simple, set-up and output procedures to automatically correlate and analyze large volumes of data quickly from a variety of sources-- such as databases and spreadsheets-- including those that involve complex frequently changing time-specific calculations and data elements. It continuously publishes directly to the web, so turns data into easy to access, easy to understand information that can improve the decision-making process.

"Softek EnView allows customers to 'inspect what they expect' by evaluating performance from the end user's point of view," said Fujitsu Softek spokesperson Erich Flynn. "While Softek EnView examines the network from the outside looking in, Softek Server Monitor examines it from the inside looking out, monitoring the application servers. Together they provide comprehensive data about what is happening throughout the infrastructure. "

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