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Quick Takes: A surge of cash

Surgient Networks secures $18 million funding; STORServer announces storage and backup appliances; and NSI Software announces the latest version of GeoCluster

A surge of cash

Surgient Networks Inc., Austin, Texas, has secured an additional $18 million in equity and debt funding. Current investors, who continue to see the tremendous market potential of Surgient?s new eQualibrium architecture and eQ2500 product platform, provided the additional equity. To date, Surgient has raised $85 million in funding. The company said its eQualibrium architecture, which debuted in September, enables multi-gigabit throughput for a variety of I/O-bound applications by eliminating storage, compute, and networking bottlenecks.

Surgient Networks Inc.

Appliance shopping

STORServer Inc., a privately held storage management software development company based in Colorado Springs, Colo., announced the introduction of the STORServer K1000A and Q1000A storage and backup appliances. Designed as standalone network appliances, the STORServer 1000 series can manage up to 200G Bytes of data, with the ability to scale to tens-of-terabytes of storage capacity, the company said. The STORServer K1000A and Q1000A combine Windows-based server hardware and high-capacity storage media with STORServer Manager an operations interface that facilitates scheduling and data backup management. Available now, the STORServer K1000A combines an integrated IBM server with 70G Bytes to 200G Bytes of backup capacity via two AIT-1 drives, while the Q1000A provides the same capabilities via an integrated Compaq server, the company said.

StorServer Inc.

Improving replication

NSI Software Inc., Hoboken, N.J., a developer of data replication technologies and services, announced the latest version of GeoCluster with improved capabilities to give Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) clusters greater infrastructure protection and the higher levels of availability, the company said. The new capabilities, including support for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, simplify management, expand OS and encrypted file support and enhance verification and resynchronization functions for customers looking to protect their MSCS clusters.

NSI Software Inc.

Eurologic storage spans the Emerald Isle

Eurologic Systems Inc., Boxborough, Mass., a provider of network storage products for the server market, has signed a national distribution agreement for Ireland with Xnet NI Ltd., a Dublin-based enterprise storage integrator. The move forms part of an international expansion of channel marketing activities including the addition of several national Channel Partners across North America, Europe, and Asia. Xnet will offer Eurologic's network storage solutions as part of their range of offerings to corporate end-users in the Irish marketplace.

Xnet NI Ltd.

Eurologic Systems Inc.

Flare up

Tricord Systems Inc., Minneapolis, Minn., announced a new application appliance series for independent software developers and systems integrators. The Lunar Flare AA 1100 and AA 1200 support Linux-based applications, consolidating them on a fault tolerant, scalable platform with clustering and storage capabilities, the company said. Tricord's application appliance series combines a Linux server with built-in clustered storage. Tricord's new application appliance series includes two models -- the Lunar Flare AA 1100 and the Lunar Flare AA 1200. Each Lunar Flare AA 1100 provides 135G Bytes of capacity, for a total of 2T Bytes of clustered capacity with 16 appliances. The Lunar Flare AA 1200 appliance offers 240G Bytes of capacity, with a cluster of 16 appliances providing about 4T Bytes of storage.

Tricord Systems Inc.

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