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Agilent delivers iSCSI kit

A new iSA new iSCSI development kit from Agilent could fuel development of the technology.

IP subsystem makers looking to get into the iSCSI race could get a head start with a new iSCSI development kit...

from Agilent Technologies Inc.

The Agilent Tachyon iSCSI development kit gives system vendors a starting point for populating system boards with iSCSI controller chips in time to meet 2002 IP-storage area network deployment schedules, the company said.

Palo Alto, Calif-based Agilent said Fibre Channel customers could use the iSCSI development kit to migrate their Fibre Channel software to the iSCSI platform.

Framingham, Mass-based International Data Corp., expects to see significant adoption of iSCSI by 2003.

Development kits like Agilent's, according to IDC analyst Eric Sheppard, accelerate iSCSI product development and adoption.

The Agilent Tachyon iSCSI development kit includes a ?quick start? installation card and a 66 MHz PCI development board. The iSCSI development kit also features a software development kit; API (application programming interface) supporting iSCSI initiator/target, standard networking and network offload features; programmers guide; iSCSI architecture specifications; and CD with API software. The iSCSI development kit is operating system- and hardware-independent, offers full duplex operation and provides debug and test capabilities, Agilent said.

Because iSCSI operates with the TCP/IP protocol, it makes block level data accessible anywhere within an Ethernet network.

Julian Elliott, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Storage Networking Division, said the iSCSI development kit gives Agilent's customers a head start designing iSCSI-based storage networking subsystems.

Elliot said the adoption of storage area networks (SANs) is growing rapidly. "SANs are increasingly being integrated into the broader enterprise network," he said. Components like those offered by Agilent, he said, are key components in SANs.

Agilent, a Hewlett-Packard spin off which primarily develops communications and electronics products, is trying to make a name for itself in the storage industry. Agilent's IP-SAN product plans include a range of iSCSI controllers, host bus adapters (HBAs), fiber optic transceivers, physical layer ICs and a roadmap scaling its products to 10 Gbps.

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