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Quick Takes: IP taking center stage

DataCore introduces set of IP storage capabilities for SANsymphony; ManagedStorage debuts service for managing GridWorks; and Ecrix preps for debut of rack-mountable tape storage autoloader.

Speedy IP

DataCore Software Corp., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., introduced a set of IP storage capabilities for its SANsymphony storage virtualization software. The new features ensure that storage pools can serve capacity on-demand to iSCSI-equipped clients, as well as Fibre Channel- attached hosts, DataCore said. DataCore said that with a 'Powered by DataCore' storage control node in place, an end-to-end iSCSI implementation could achieve nearly 4,000 I/Os per/sec per channel on unaccelerated 1000 BASE T Gigabit Ethernet hardware. SANsymphony configurations priced from approximately $80,000 achieve more than 200,000 I/Os per second and over 1 GB per second, making them uniquely suitable for very large numbers of iSCSI storage consumers, according to DataCore.

DataCore Software Corp.

A complex mesh

ManagedStorage International Inc., Broomfield, Colo., has a new interactive and automated service for managing multi-vendor storage environments called GridWorks. GridWorks, which is available now, monitors and manages storage infrastructures 'non-intrusively', according to ManagedStorage. GridWorks features a single-source platform that aggregates, correlates and presents data from multiple management platforms. ManagedStorage said a global view of available capacity, and real-time access to the integrity and health of the underlying data, lets companies strategically manage their storage resources.

ManagedStorage International Inc.

Rack 'em

Ecrix Corp., Boulder, Colo., is prepping for a debut of a rack-mountable tape storage autoloader, the VXA AutoRak, by year's end. The VXA AutoRak will store up to 660G Bytes of compressed data, transfer data at 21.6 GB/hour and will cost less than $3,500 retail price to compete effectively against current 4mm/DDS autoloaders, Ecrix said. It is available in a 2u size Ecrix Corp.

Directing the Shark

Inrange Technologies Corp., Lumberton, N.J., and IBM Corp., announced that the Inrange IN-VSN FC/9000 Fibre Channel Director has completed IBM qualification testing and is fully supported through IBM for FICON connectivity in IBM?s TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) networks. FICON support for the FC/9000 is the latest step in Inrange?s business relationship with IBM, in which IBM remarkets and services both the 64-port and 128-port models of Inrange?s Fibre Channel Directors to open systems and FICON storage networks. The FC/9000 can now be installed as the 64-port and 128-port switching infrastructure for FICON storage networks that include S/390, IBM?s TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Controller 3590 A60, ESS and zSeries server components.

IBM Corp.

Inrange Technologies Corp.

Building 'Blocs

Eurologic Systems Inc., Boxborough, Mass., announced the next generation of its SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) network storage systems, the Ultra320 SCSI-ready ULTRAbloc network storage system. The second product line in Eurologic's next-generation FLEXIbloc family of network storage products, Eurologic said the ULTRAbloc is designed to minimize the risk of migrating to emerging SCSI technologies. Ultra320 SCSI will be the seventh generation of the SCSI network interface protocol. Features like improved data transfer speeds of up to 320 MB/sec and packetized data transfer will mean overall improvement in data transfer performance, efficiency and integrity, according to Eurologic.

Eurologic Systems Inc.

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