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Quick Takes: Maxtor makes deal with OTG, Legato

Maxtor makes deal with OTG and Legato to develop products; Eurologic announces 2 Gigabit-per-second (2Gb) Fibre Channel SANbloc network storage system; and Dot Hill unveils SANnet Axis storage appliances.

Xtending NAS

Maxtor Corp., has announced agreements with both OTG Software Inc., and Legato Systems Inc., for joint development of products that incorporate OTG's storage virtualization software technologies and Legato's storage management software with Maxtor's family of MaxAttach storage servers. The integrated products are expected to hit the streets later this year and will be offered as enhancements for MaxAttach NAS 6000 and NAS 4000 Series storage servers, and as an upgrade for currently shipping systems. The new products will allow the capacity of multiple MaxAttach storage servers to be pooled, enabling scalable storage environments.

Maxtor Corp.

OTG Software Inc.

Legato Systems Inc.

Now featuring a Quad Loop

Eurologic Systems Inc., Boxborough, Mass., announced the next generation of its 2 Gigabit-per-second (2Gb) Fibre Channel SANbloc network storage system. The SANbloc now offers a Quad Loop feature that performs at speeds of up to 700 MB/s in a single system, according to Eurologic. The company said its SANbloc system minimizes the risk of migrating to 2Gb Fibre Channel because it was designed to be 2Gb Fibre Channel-ready from its inception.

Eurologic Systems Inc.

Axis powered

Dot Hill Systems Corp., Carlsbad, Calif., has unveiled its SANnet Axis family of storage appliances. The SANnet Axis family of products is available in several 1U high (1.75") models and is designed for use in continuous computing environments, so it includes no moving parts other than redundant cooling fans and a CD-ROM drive for software updates, Dot Hill said. According to the company, several advanced SANnet Axis features are available as options. These include disaster recovery, remote replication, real-time mirroring, serverless backup, clustering, volume copies, file services, and network-attached storage (NAS). SANnet Axis base pricing varies by model ranging from $29,995 to $39,995 each.

Dot Hill Systems Corp.

ADIC gets green light for EMC Data Manager

Advanced Digital Information Corp., Redmond, Wash., announced that EMC Corp., has qualified the ADIC Scalar 1000 automated tape library platform for network and SAN backup with the EMC Data Manager (EDM) software. The qualification covers data protection both for EMC Symmetrix installations and for a range of open system storage environments, including UNIX and Windows operating environments. Tape technologies covered by the initial qualification include DLT and AIT-2. EDM consolidates backup and recovery for many types of open systems environments and streamlines the organization of files and databases for archiving and rapid recovery tasks, according to EMC.

EMC Corp.

Advance Digital Information Corp.

Get with the program

PolyServe Inc., Berkeley, Calif., has joined the Brocade Fabric Threads Developer Program, which is designed to provide SAN hardware and software developers with the tools and resources to develop applications and products with Brocade SilkWorm fabric switches, the Brocade Fabric Operating System (Fabric OS), and Brocade Fabric Services.

Brocade Fabric Threads Developer Program

PolyServe Inc.

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