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Relieve the strain, users gain

A new management tool lets users monitor their own storage usage ?V relieving the burden, both in hardware and labor, of your IT resources.

If managing how much storage your enterprise users gobble up is a strain on your IT resources, NTP Software might have a solution -- let the users do it themselves.

Manchester, N.H.-based NTP announced a new release of the NTP Software Quota & File Sentinel, a storage resource management (SRM) solution that integrates into the overall storage environment and uses policy-based management to set disk quotas.

The main reason for using policy-based quota management is a simple one. It saves time.

"Some customers use this policy-based engine to allow users and departments to manage their own storage needs, thus removing a lot of this burden from the IT staff," said David Hill, research director, storage and storage management, for the Aberdeen Group.

The idea behind File Sentinel is to create a self-managing system that controls provisioning, performance management, data protection, reporting and cost allocation.

By enforcing disk space limits on directories, shares and servers, you can control how much storage capacity users consume, manage what data and file types users can put on servers and storage devices and get real-time data on storage performance and load.

According to the company, when users approach their storage limit NTP's software automatically sends a predetermined alert warning the user to change their capacity-eating ways.

Since setting quotas on disk usage has traditionally been a time consuming process many IT departments simply throw hardware at the problem. "Quota management is something that you need to do, but you'd rather not do," said Hill.

But Hill said SRM software that automates quotas and policy-based management can save hundreds of man-hours.

Quota & File Sentinel 3.0 includes disk quota policies with up to 200 thresholds per policy; flexible filtering on File Control Policies; policy-based rules management; AutoQuota ?nTechnology to automatically apply quota and file management policies to all subdirectories and new users; integration into most tape backup and archiving solutions; temporary quotas for roaming users and consultants and to rent storage space; and Web Digital Dashboard showing quota and important disk/storage resource information.

A free trial of NTP's Quota & File Sentinel 3.0 is available at NTP's website for download.

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