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A lot of cache

MTI Technology has entered the solid-state storage market with the introduction of the V-Cache, a shared file-caching product that sits on a SAN and speeds the performance of UNIX and Windows NT/2000-based applications.

MTI Technology Corp., is putting its name behind solid-state storage.

MTI, Anaheim, Calif., has introduced a new shared file-caching product called the MTI V-Cache. The V-Cache is aimed at supercharging the performance of business applications.

V-Cache gives users instantaneous file access to Unix and Windows NT/2000-based applications at speeds up to 100 times faster than most hard disk drives.

MTI scores the high speeds by combining its DataShield volume mapping technology, which allows multiple servers to allocate V-Cache storage simultaneously with switched Fibre Channel connectivity. The architecture simplifies the process of adding new applications and data to the V-Cache.

The biggest benefit of V-Cache, according to one analyst? Its model works outside the MTI solution.

Steve Duplessie, senior analyst for the Milford, Mass.-based Enterprise Storage Group said that solid-state storage, like the V-Cache, has traditionally been direct-attached, making it difficult to scale efficiently.

"MTI V-Cache is networkable, so many servers can connect to it concurrently, each getting a piece," said Duplessie. "This makes the cost much easier to justify."

V-Cache can be scaled independently of both servers and storage devices, allowing V-Cache processing and capacity resources to be increased separately from changes to disk capacity or servers. It also features redundant hot-swappable components, data protection capabilities and a built-in management toolset for centralized administration.

MTI said applications that can benefit from MTI V-Cache include databases, e-mail, ERP, MRP, authentication servers, CAD, process control and any other application that requires intensive disk I/O.

The V-Cache is available in a variety of configurations, ranging in capacity from 4G Bytes to hundreds of G Bytes and is compatible with Unix and Windows NT/2000 platforms.

Pricing for the V-Cache ranges from $70,000 to $600,000 with services included.

MTI admits that it has dropped the ball in recent years when it came to pushing its products to the masses, but said that it is back on its game when it comes to aggressively marketing its storage systems. "We lost our leadership over a period of years. It was our own fault," said Steve Lefferdink, vice president, MTI Corp.

Lefferdink said that MTI has reorganized its product line into families and plans on moving from a direct sales model to developing channel sales.

Duplessie said that with V-Cache, MTI has the opportunity to do something they haven't in a while - grow.

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