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Quick Takes: Hard drivin

Western Digital takes drives to 100G Bytes; Vixel and RAID make the switch; and everybody into the pool!

Western Digital drives to triple digits

Western Digital Corp., Lake Forest, Calif., announced the availability of its highest capacity desktop EIDE hard drive, a 7,200 RPM three-platter model offering 100G Bytes of digital storage. Shipments of the 100G Byte hard drives, called the WD Caviar, are expected to begin this month. Western Digital said the 7,200 RPM spin speed improves overall drive performance, which in turn, improves desktop computing performance. The new hard drives can store a combination of 1,800 digital photos, 4 hours of digital video, 40 hours of digital music downloads, 18 digital games, and 30 software programs. The WD Caviar 7,200 RPM family now includes 30, 40, 60, 80 and 100G Byte capacity models.

Western Digital Corp.

Making the switch

Vixel Corp., Bothell, Wash., and RAID Inc., Lawrence, Mass., have entered a deal under which RAID will integrate and sell Vixel's full line of switch and hub products with its storage solutions. In addition, RAID, will qualify Vixel's new 9000 Series 2 Gigabit per second (GBps) Fibre Channel switches for inclusion into their cache of customized storage solutions. Vixel's line of SAN interconnect products include the Vixel 2100 managed hub, the 7000 series 1Gbps Fibre Channel switches and the recently announced 9000 series 2 Gbps Fibre Channel switches.

Vixel Corp.


Into the portal

Ecrix Corp., Boulder, Colo., a manufacturer of VXA tape products, will be a supplier for the Intel Business Advantage Portal. The Intel B2B e-marketplace gives Ecrix access to about 10,000 Intel Product Dealers in North America. Intel created the Intel Business Advantage Portal to make it easier for Intel Product Dealers to offer their customers more complete PC and server solutions and achieve cost efficiencies. The Intel Business Advantage Portal offers discounts on components and solutions such as software, hardware, peripherals, Internet access, and e-Commerce services, and displays suppliers' offers in an e-marketplace. By participating, Intel Product Dealers are able to receive rebates and commissions on the e-Business suppliers' services and product offerings they sell to their customers. Ecrix tape products use advanced metal evaporated media, which Ecrix markets under the brand name VXAtape. The drives and libraries are targeted at midrange servers and high-end workstations.

Ecrix Corp.

Intel Corp.

Everybody into the pool!

DataCore Software, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., a provider of storage virtualization and networking software, announced the addition of ExaDrive Networks, Amherst, N.Y., to the DataCore SANvantage Technical Partner Program. Through the alliance, 'Powered by DataCore' storage virtualization systems will make use of ExaDrive's high-capacity, ATA-based data storage arrays. DataCore's SANsymphony software creates a storage pool that consolidates the management of multiple ExaDrive Diamond arrays in a SAN environment.

DataCore Software Inc.

ExaDrive Networks Inc.

Super tape

Quantum|ATL, Irvine, Calif., a subsidiary of Quantum Corp., announced the availability of Super DLTtape drives with its M1500 enterprise-class library. Super DLTtape drives offer nearly three times the capacity of DLTtape drives and read/write speeds twice as fast as the older drives. The first version of the SDLT 220 tape drive offers 110G Bytes of native storage capacity per cartridge and an 11 MB/sec sustained native data transfer rate. The modular M1500 library, introduced in February 2001,uses an independent element called StackLink, which lets cartridges move from one module to another in seconds, completely transparent to the data application, so multiple modules act as a single, larger integrated library. Using SDLT 220 tape drives, a single M500 library can store up to 4.4T Bytes with performance ranging up to 158.4 GB/hour.


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