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Quick Takes: InfiniBand and beyond

InfiniBand for all; Validity in a NAS world; BitMicro debuts 17.4GB SSD; Snazzy tape; and RAID controllers support Itanium.

InfiniBand for all

Banderacom Inc., an Austin, Texas-based InfiniBand semiconductor company, announced three new InfiniBand product development kits (PDKs) with support for PowerPC, Intel XScale and Intel StrongARM embedded processors. The new PDKs join Banderacom's existing PDKs, for x86/Windows 2000 and x86/VxWorks embedded processors, introduced earlier this year. Banderacom's family of PDKs enables development of early InfiniBand platforms using Banderacom's IBandit architecture. Banderacom's PDKs include 3.3V PCI-based application development system boards and a software development kit that contains input/output (I/O) development software stacks, channel adapter driver emulators and sample applications. Banderacom's PDKs are available for $12,500. InfiniBand architecture is expected to replace Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SCSI and PCI as the technologies currently required to connect storage and server networks.

Banderacom Inc.

Validity in a NAS world

American Megatrends Inc.(AMI), Atlanta, Ga., is shipping the first validation units of its StorTrends 1108 network-attached storage (NAS) and JBOD (just a bunch of disks) line. The units are available in versions 1108-J (JBOD), 1108-N with AMI's NAS controller and 1108-P with NAS controller and NAS software. Full availability of the StorTrends 1108 in J, N and P versions will be August 1, 2001. The products range in price from $4,069 to $6,029, depending on whether the unit is a JBOD or has the optional Indium and StorTrends NAS software.

American Megatrends Inc.

BitMicro debuts 17.4GB SSD

BitMicro Networks Inc., Fremont, Calif., is bringing its latest high capacity 2.5-inch Solid-State SCSI E-Disk to market. The 2.5-inch SCSI touts data access speeds of 0.1ms with sustained sequential and random read/write transfer rates faster than 18 MB/sec and burst transfer rates of 20 MB/sec. The 2.5-inch SCSI family line is compatible with Linux, Solaris, Windows, MacOS and LynxOS. Other supported operating systems include: AIX; FreeBSD; HP-UX; IRIX; NetBSD; OS/2; QNX; VxWorks; SCO Unixware and Open Server; Solaris X86; and Tru64.

BitMicro Networks Inc.

Snazzy tape

Raidtec Corp., Atlanta, Ga., has completed compatibility testing of its Snaz R6 and nEngine with Exabyte Corp.?s M2 tape drive technology. Snaz R6 is a file server that plugs directly into an Ethernet switch on a Local Area Network (LAN). It serves multi-protocol files to heterogeneous clients, with up to 430G Bytes of local RAID storage. Snaz R6 is based on the Raidtec nEngine FlashLinux platform. Exabyte's M2 tape drive delivers a 30MB/sec compressed transfer rate, and a native capacity of up to 60G Bytes.

Raidtec Corp.

Exabyte Corp.

Mylex RAID controllers support Itanium

IBM subsidiary, Mylex Corp., announced the availability of its 64-bit software that will support Intel Itanium processor-based servers running Microsoft Windows Advanced Server Limited Edition and 64-bit Linux operating systems. The software is designed for use with all current Mylex PCI RAID controllers and includes RAID management software stacks, 64-bit drivers, 32 bit BIOS emulation and EFI Shell RAID utilities.

Mylex Corp.

Intel Corp.

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