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Storability puts multi-site storage in view

Storability wants to put storage on your dashboard.

The Southborough, Mass.-headquartered storage services provider (SSP) has beefed-up its storage management tools with a new Web-based portal with enhanced storage reporting capabilities as part of its storage management services.

The key, said Jeff James, product marketing manager for Storability, is that the new Web portal, called the AssuredStorage Navigator V.2, gives customers a simple, "dashboard" view of distributed storage and backup environments.

With the new portal, the customer has a single interface that keeps an eye on all the data that Storability manages for them, wherever it may be physically located. This means that IT managers responsible for storage area networks (SANs) and backup networks at multiple locations can monitor all of their storage from one screen.

"This gives the customer a unified view across all of the data centers that they are resident in and gives them the ability to get control of their multi-site environment," said James.

The AssuredStorage Navigator is also equipped with a new set of data analysis tools including real time reporting of storage capacity, utilization, and performance regardless of the underlying hardware and management infrastructure.

It is available as a standard feature of all Storability's Storage Assurance Services and as a standalone service called AssuredInsight.

"The enhancements to AssuredStorage Navigator keep [Storability] slightly ahead of the pack in the customer portal space," said William Hurley, program manager for the Yankee Group, Boston, Mass. "These tools are very necessary, not just to improve customer trust, but to provide true insight as to system and service level performance."

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