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SNIA dissolves File System group

The umbrella standards group for storage networking, The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), said that after reviewing the current participation in the File Systems Technical Work Group it has elected to dissolve the group due to inactivity. SNIA said while this particular Work Group has been eliminated, File System related work, including CIFS, continues in the NAS Technical Work Group. Activities related to File Systems that fall outside the NAS Working Group charter will be encouraged for future Technical Work Groups as need and interest emerges.

The Storage Networking Industry Association

Going to the library

Benchmark Storage Innovations' ValuSmart Tape DLT1 tape drive has found a new home in Storage Technology Corp.'s L-20 and L-40 series DLT tape libraries. Integration of the ValuSmart Tape DLT1 on the L80 tape library is scheduled for the future. Boulder, Colo.-based Benchmark's ValuSmart Tape DLT1 drive offers 80GB of compressed capacity and a 6 MB/second compressed transfer rate. The L20, L40 and L80 tape library series from Louisville, Colo.-headquartered StorageTek, are available for the entry level to mid-range NT, Novell, Linux and UNIX environments.

Benchmark Storage Innovations Inc.

Storage Technology Corp.

BMC targets Infiniband market

BMC Software and Vieo Inc., an InfiniBand management software developer announced that they would partner to target the InfiniBand industry. InfiniBand is a standard describing a new architecture and specifications for data flow between processors and input/output (I/O) devices. Replacing the Peripheral Component Interconnect bus in servers, InfiniBand promises greater bandwidth, scalability and flexibility in server design. BMC will deliver a Patrol-based management component that uses Vieo's FabricView to access InfiniBand fabric elements.

Vieo Inc.

BMC Software Inc.

All Access

Storage Access Technologies Inc., has struck a deal with metropolitan optical network provider Telseon to develop and deploy fourteen Virtual Storage Network Access Points (Virtual SNAPs) in the New York City region. The Virtual SNAPs will let Storage Access to offer its suite of managed storage services to customers throughout the New York City metropolitan area not from its New York data center and from the 14 additional service provider facilities in the area. Telseon's gigabit Ethernet metro network will enable 11 Virtual SNAPs to be activated in Manhattan, with another three in New Jersey. In addition, six Virtual SNAPs will go online in the Miami, Fla., area all enabled by Telseon's network. Storage Access' suite of services are remotely hosted and delivered via the storage service provider (SSP) model, in which end users purchase storage services for a monthly fee.

Telseon Inc.

Storage Accesss Technologies Inc.

Sanbolic debuts cross platform file system for SANs

Sanbolic Inc., San Jose, Calif., a developer of software for storage area networks (SANs), announced the Melio File System (Melio FS), a distributed journaling file system with support for heterogeneous operating systems. Melio FS is a distributed file system that allows multiple users to access files on the storage as if they were their own. The metadata is contained within the file system on the storage and it is designed so it is decentralized allowing high independence of workstations. The distributed locking mechanism allows read and write operations to different parts of the same file to be performed simultaneously from multiple machines. Any network protocol can be used to transport the locks between the machines and the locks are cached so the network traffic is kept to a minimum. The June 2001 alpha release of Melio FS is compatible with Windows NT and Windows 2000. Sanbolic, Inc. will complete drivers for Linux and Solaris during later this year.

Sanbolic Inc.

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