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Quick Takes: Technology team-ups

TrueSAN embeds QLogic technology

TrueSAN Networks Inc., San Jose, Calif., says it will embed QLogic Corp.'s SANbox 8 and 16 port Fibre Channel switches and the SANblade 220 series host bus adapter (HBA) technologies in TrueSAN's Paladin C-series storage system. The Paladin C-series features MetaFabric, an architecture that embeds a switching fabric at its core. TrueSAN leverages the internal switching design of MetaFabric and the distributed virtualization technology of its FusionOS software to incrementally and non-disruptively scale capacity and bandwidth on demand from hundreds of gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes. TrueSAN has also collaborated with QLogic by writing directly to the application-programming interface (API) of the QLogic SANBox switch, enabling tighter integration with TrueSAN's Alchemy Storage Management Software. In the future, TrueSAN will embed QLogic's SANbox 64 and 128 port director-class switches, as well as SANbox2 2Gbps switches and SANblade 2Gbps HBAs in its Paladin network storage systems.

TrueSAN Networks Inc.

QLogic Corp.

Tape meets mythology

A new tape backup solution has taken flight from Quantum|ATL, an Irvine, Calif-based subsidiary of Quantum Corp.'s DLT and Storage Systems Group. The company announced Pegasus for the SAN Filer Environment. Pegasus allows for numerous filers and servers to share a single library, which Quantum|ATL says significantly reduces hardware and management costs and makes better use of tape library resources. The Pegasus solution requires approved NDMP software backup applications like BakBone NetVault 6.03, Commvault Galaxy 3.1, Legato Networker 6.0.1, Quadratec Time Navigator 3.5, Syncsort Backup Express 2.1.4 or Vertitas Netbackup 3.4. Quantum|ATL's Pegasus solution is available now, with a list price of $109,070 for a P2000 with four DLT8000 drives and 100 slots. Pegasus has been tested and certified by Network Appliance as part of its Fibre Channel Full Fabric Tape SAN Backup solution, which allows multiple filers and multiple tape devices to be seamlessly connected to a Fibre Channel switch with full-fabric support. This is the next generation of tape backup for SAN environments introduced by Quantum|ATL and Network Appliance as part of the Open Storage Network (OSN) initiative announced in May of last year.

Quantum|ATL Inc.

Sony enters telemarketing deal

Ideal Hardware Ltd., a UK storage distributor, announced a telemarketing project commissioned by Sony for UniTel, Ideal's telemarketing services arm. UniTel's suite of telemarketing services are designed to assist Ideal's vendor and reseller base build and manage their business pipelines. The project with Sony focuses on their Magneto Optical (MO) product line. Sony's MO technology is capable of storing 9.1G Bytes of data for PCs, workstations and servers requiring the backup and transfer of multiple gigabytes of data. Sony said UniTel's technical knowledge sealed the telemarketing agreement.

Ideal Hardware Inc.

Sony Inc.

Back to the lab

StorageApps Inc., Bridgewater, N.J., has opened a new laboratory in Wayland, Mass., where product design and engineering are done for the company?s data storage products. The laboratory facility is designed to accommodate approximately 100 engineers. StorageApps builds and sells software applications and data storage appliances. The laboratory has a test area that includes about 150 multi-user computer servers, 50 different storage devices and 125 data switches. The multi-million dollar collection of computer equipment from Compaq, Dell, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, IBM, Sun, and others fills space about the size of a baseball infield.

StorageApps Inc.

What's on your Mangomind?

Mangosoft Inc., Westborough, Mass., launched expanded Mangomind product line that will provide businesses of all sizes with Internet file sharing and online storage. Mangosoft's new products, Mangomind Drive and Mangomind Enterprise, are designed for companies that require remote access for teleworkers and mobile employees. Security for Mangomind products is provided by RSA Security and includes business level 128-bit encryption of transferred and stored files. Mangomind products also include Tier 1 enterprise hosting with automatic backup and restore functions as well as full-time customer support and service. Mangomind Drive is a secure, multi-user Internet file sharing and online storage service consisting of 5-user drive with 50M Bytes of storage. The cost of the service is $14.95 per month. An introductory offer of $7.95 per month for the first 3 months is available until August 17, 2001. Mangomind Enterprise provides expanded storage and internal drive administration capabilities, and an unlimited number of seats. Mangomind Enterprise costs $14.95 per user per month and includes 10M Bytes of storage for each user with the option of purchasing more storage.

Mangosoft Inc.

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