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Veritas builds out '3D' expansion strategy

Data management software vendor Veritas has rolled out the latest stage of its "three-dimensional" expansion strategy, after announcing enhanced support for its products on Hewlett-Packard, Oracle and Sun Microsystems platforms.

The move, announced Tuesday, is part of its ongoing effort to get its software up and running on all major server operating systems. It's a plan Veritas claims will eventually lead to the "holy grail" of networked storage, where data can be managed in any location, regardless of the type of IT infrastructure a company has.

This is increasingly important to companies, said Veritas CEO Gary Bloom, because they are looking to drive down the cost of managing their storage. Using the capacity they have more efficiently - by moving data between storage systems in a multi-vendor environment - is one way of achieving this, he added.

Additionally, when companies merge, they need a common framework to manage data using storage systems from different vendors, he said. The other two cornerstones of Veritas' strategy are product development and geographical expansion.

Veritas announced the availability of its entire software portfolio on the HP-UX 11i operating system platform. Until now, the company only shipped "lite" versions of its file-system management software with HP-UX, but customers will now have the option to take a broader range of products for tasks such as volume management, clustering and replication - all of which are available through a license upgrade.

Although historically Veritas has been skewed heavily towards sales on Sun and Microsoft platforms (around 45% and 35% respectively), the company has been heavily investing in the HP platform over the last 12 months or so. It currently accounts for around 10% of sales.

Additionally, Veritas said its high applications availability management software, Cluster Server, will support Sun's new Sun Fire Series midrange servers. Cluster Server already supports Sun's StorEdge T3 arrays, and the company said the development will allow mutual customers to support high levels of availability more efficiently in the data center.

Finally, Veritas also announced Veritas Database Edition/Advanced Cluster for Oracle, which it claims is the first operating system-independent clustering framework for Oracle Parallel Server and other future Oracle database clustering environments. The development will again support joint customers, said Veritas, and will be integrated into the Veritas/Oracle/Sun (VOS) initiative in the future.

Veritas said it is on target to get at least some of its management products working with IBM's AIX platform by the end of the year, but didn't give specifics.

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