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Quick takes: Tape, tape and more tape

IBM to sell Inrange FC Director

Inrange Technologies, Lumberton, N.J. and IBM announced that they have expanded their strategic business relationship, and that IBM will resell and service Inrange's recently released 128-port IN-VSN FC/9000 Fibre Channel Director. The agreement expands a current reseller relationship, through which IBM has been remarketing Inrange's 64-port director technology to provide the switching infrastructure for both open systems and IBM FICON storage networks. The 128-port FC/9000 is shipping currently, with 256-port models scheduled for the fourth quarter, 2001. Also in this timeframe, 2 Gbps Fibre Channel technologies will be incorporated into the director and Inrange edge switch products as previously announced. The FC/9000 Director will support Fibre Channel, FICON, and Fibre Channel IP concurrently.

IBM Corp.

Inrange Technologies, Inc.

SDLTtape available for ATL libraries

Quantum|ATL, Irvine, Calif., a subsidiary of Quantum Corp., and a supplier of DLTtape automation products for networked computers, announced availability of Quantum's next-generation Super DLTtape drives for Quantum|ATL library products. Supporting Super DLTtape drives will be PowerStor L200, the 7100, and all M- and P-Series libraries including M1500, P1000, P2000, P3000 and P6000. Super DLTtape drive upgrade kits will also be offered for 7100, M- and P-series libraries installed at customer facilities. The availability of specific models will be phased in over the next 30 days. Super DLTtape technology provides capacity and transfer rates for mid-range and enterprise businesses. Super DLTtape has a native storage capacity of 110G Bytes and a native throughput of 11M-Bits/sec.


IBM adopts SLR100 drive

Tandberg Data ASA, Oslo, Norway, said IBM will begin shipping the SLR100 tape drive and SLR100 Autoloader, both compatible with IBM's midmarket eServer line. The tape drive and autoloader products will serve as backup systems for the IBM eServer iSeries product line. The SLR100 tape drive, based on QIC (quarter-inch cartridge) technology, offers 100G Bytes of capacity and a 10M-Bits/sec transfer rate assuming 2:1 compression. It is available for IBM eServer models i270, i820, i830 and i840, and is compatible with OS/400 V5R1. The new IBM Model 7329-308 SLR100 Autoloader integrates an SLR100 drive and eight-tape cartridge magazine to provide up to 800G Bytes of storage capacity with 2:1 data compression. The SLR drive is also available as a standalone unit for attachment to iSeries and AS/400 servers.

Tandberg Data ASA

IBM Corp.

Maxoptix makes LTO push

Fremont, Calif-based MaxOptix Corp., announced the availability of a range of Linear Tape Open (LTO) libraries with its Breece Hill-branded line of next-generation tape technology products. The full line of LTO devices, including the MaxOptix 4.30/50, 6.100/6.210, 9.140, 12.420, 15.350 and 18.280, are available today and ready to ship. The libraries scale to multiple T Byte configurations.

MaxOptix Corp.

Imperial opens SAN interoperability lab

Imperial Technology, El Segundo, Calif., a manufacturer of solid state disk and cache systems, has opened an in-house Interoperability Lab for testing storage area network (SAN) components. The Imperial Interoperability Lab (i2 Lab) is dedicated to evaluating, qualifying and certifying SAN components for use with Imperial Technology's solid state accelerators. The lab will test a broad array of SAN components including switches, hubs, GBIC's, host bus adapters, routers, bridges, storage virtualization components, SAN administration and management software, and other infrastructure components. This month the i2 Lab successfully tested MegaRam accelerators using Brocade-enabled fabric switches, allowing Imperial Technology to become a Brocade Fabric Threads Developer. Imperial has also tested switches from Ancor and is currently testing Gadzoox fabric switches.

Imperial Technology Inc.

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