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Quick Takes: Wheeling and dealing

Neartek nabs $26 million

Neartek, Inc., New York, NY, announced last week at the Storage Networking World Conference in Palm Desert, Calif., that it has received $26M in equity funding. According to Neartek, the latest round of funding, led by Doughty Hanson & Co., one of Europe's largest independent private equity firms, lets the company supplement its growth strategies, continue development of new product technologies, and continue its expansion into North American markets. Neartek products and services create storage architectures that help companies dramatically improve information management.

Neartek, Inc.

Dot Hill signs OEM agreement with IPeria

Dot Hill Systems Corp., Carlsbad, Calif., a maker of storage area network (SAN) solutions, has signed an original equipment manufacturers (OEM) agreement with IPeria, a telecom infrastructure software provider based in Burlington, Mass. IPeria will buy and integrate customized versions of Dot Hill's SANnet storage products with its ActivEdge Enhanced Communications System. IPeria said its looked at several information storage providers and chose Dot Hill's SANnet because of its NEBS Level 3 certification, its architecture, and Veritas Cluster Server certification on Sun Solaris operating systems.

Dot Hill Systems Corp.

IPeria, Inc.

Agilent debuts 2 Gb/s fiber-optic transceiver for FC SANs

Agilent Technologies, Inc., Palo Alto, Calif., announced the availability of its two-gigabit-per-second (2 Gb/s) fiber-optic transceiver for Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs). Agilent offers a solution set for 2 Gb/s Fibre Channel, including Tachyon Fibre Channel controllers, serializer/deserializer (SerDes) and port bypass ICs, and integrated host bus adapters. The new transceiver is "hot-pluggable," meaning it can be inserted or removed from a board without removing power. The Agilent HFBR-5720L SFP fiber-optic transceiver operates at 1 Gb/s and 2 Gb/s, providing backward compatibility with existing 1 Gb/s SANs. The HFBR-5720L SFP fiber-optic transceiver is shipping now and is priced under $100 in low volume quantities. The HFBR-5720L will also be available as an option with Agilent's new host bus adapter cards HHBA-5218A, expected in Q2 2001, and HHBA-5220A, expected in Q3.

Agilent Technologies, Inc.

A gracious host-bus adapter

Quantum|ATL, an Irvine, Calif.-based unit of Quantum Corp.'s DLT and Storage Systems Group and a supplier of DLTtape automation products, and Emulex Corp., Costa Mesa, Calif., a maker of storage networking host bus adapters (HBAs), announced that the Emulex LightPulse LP8000S SBus Fibre Channel (FC) HBA has been awarded certification of interoperability with Quantum|ATL's SAN solution offerings for Sun Solaris environments. Certification of the Emulex LP8000S means that it is compatible with Quantum|ATL's P1000, P2000 and P3000 Series FC tape libraries, and will perform with Quantum|ATL-certified solutions in a SAN environment. Emulex host bus adapters are also supported by a suite of software for storage protocol (SCSI), network protocol (IP), as well as multi-protocol (SCSI and IP) operation and a wide range of operating system support, including Windows NT and 2000, Solaris, AIX, Linux, HP-UX, and NetWare.

Emulex Corp.


IBM, Inrange team with iT-Austria

The first large-scale production storage network utilizing FICON has been implemented by iT-Austria, which selected Inrange Technologies' FC/9000 Fibre Channel Director as the switching infrastructure for its new storage area network (SAN). FICON is IBM's interconnect technology that lets users migrate ESCON-based mainframes to Fibre Channel SANs. iT-AUSTRIA supports all the information processing services primarily for Bank Austria, Creditanstalt, Erste Bank, Spardat and the Austrian Savingbanks. It uses the FC/9000 to direct the flow of up to 2T Bytes of data per day, stored on tandem IBM 3494 Tape Libraries. iT-Austria implemented a Geographically Dispersed Parallel Sysplex (GDPS) solution across three locations, over six IBM 9672 servers.

Inrange Technologies, Inc.


3Ware goes third gen

3Ware, Inc., Mountain View, Calif., announced the Escalade 7000 product family, its third generation of high-performance storage switches. The Escalade family is based on 3Ware's DiskSwitch architecture and leverages existing Ethernet infrastructures. The Escalade 7800 delivers more than 180M-Bits/sec sustained transfer rates. The 3ware Escalade 7000 series is available from 3ware and its approved channel partners. 3ware's Escalade 7000 product suite includes three new storage switches. Escalade 7000 product attributes include a 64-bit ASIC technology design and ATA/100 drives. Escalade 7800 is a long eight-port board that will be available April 30, 2001 for $545.00. Escalade 7810 is a short, eight-port board and is available for $545.00 and the Escalade 7410 is a short, four-port board and is priced at $395.00. Both are available June 30, 2001.

3Ware, Inc.

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