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Quick Takes: As fast as a Cheetah

Computer Associates runs with Cheetah data protection solution

Computer Associates International, Inc., Islandia, N.Y., an e-Business software provider, announced the availability of a beta program for a new data protection solution for Unix and Windows NT/2000 environments. Code-named Cheetah, the solution is designed to deliver and increase the performance, scalability, administration and manageability essential for eBusiness.

Cheetah will perform high performance data protection operations without impacting eBusiness operations, according to the company. It will reduce backup windows and assure increased data and application availability through increased backup and recovery speeds and integrated disaster recovery.

Key Cheetah features will include: "bare metal" Unix disaster recovery, the capability to deploy heterogeneous SAN environments, SAN- and severless-enabled application agents, data protection for multiple NAS configurations, innovative media management techniques and integration with EMC's TimeFinder and Fastrax technologies.

Computer Associates International, Inc.

New Escalade product family from 3Ware

3Ware, Inc., Mountain View, Calif., a provider of storage solutions, added the Escalade 7000 series of products to its family of storage switches. The Escalade 7000 suite includes three new storage switches. Key attributes include: 64-bit ASIC technology design-providing bandwidth to memory, ATA/100 disk drives and a patented DiskSwitch architecture that provides a separate dedicated switch port per drive -- allowing for drive failures without impact to the neighboring drives in the storage array. The Escalade 7000 series of products are for the open-source and Linux communities in addition to supporting Windows 98, ME, NT and 2000 platforms.

The Escalade 7800 is a long eight-port board that is generally available April 30 and the Escalade 7810 is a short, eight-port board and is general available June 30. Both are priced at $545.00. The Escalade 7410 is a short, four-port board and is also generally available June 30 for $395.00.

3Ware, Inc.

Adaptec ships ISCSI HBA to OEMs

Adaptec, Inc., Milpitas, Calif., maker of storage access solutions, will ship samples of its iSCSI host bus adapter (HBA) to OEMs this quarter.

The AEA-7110C enables customers to build storage area networks (SANs) using their existing IP/Ethernet networks. This is a 1Gbit, 64-bit, 66 MHz Ethernet controller that offloads TCP/IP processing from the server and enables block-level storage data to be sent from the server to storage devices. It operates over an existing Category 5 cabling infrastructure. Category 5 cabling is widely available from multiple vendors so companies that want to move to Gigabit Ethernet for communications or storage networking do not have to install new copper cable or fiber optic infrastructure.

Adaptec, Inc.

Mountain View Data debuts SnapFS beta

Mountain View Data, Inc.,headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., a developer and provider of advanced storage software solutions for the network attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) introduces the SnapFS beta. The SnapFS is a management solution for critical files and data.

According to the company, SnapFS enhances journal file systems with the capability to capture and retain multiple "snapshot" versions of files and folders. SnapFS offers a number of benefits including the ability to restore systems to older versions when necessary and to make instantaneous online backups.

Mountain View Data, Inc.

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