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Denzel declares storage Independence Day

Hewletter-Packard's storage head Nora Denzel proclaims the days of sitting at the kiddie table with mice, monitors and keyboards are over. It's time for storage to grow up.

PALM DESERT, Calif. - It's not July, but Independence Day has come to pass in Palm Desert - a storage Independence Day.

"The days of thinking of storage as a peripheral are over. It's not an auxiliary piece of the puzzle that is of little relevance or importance," said Nora Denzel, vice president and general manager of Hewlett-Packard's (HP)Network Storage Solutions Organization (NSSO).

"It's time to change the dictionaries around the world. Today, April 10, 2001 storage is no longer a peripheral," she pronounced.

Addressing a mixed crowd of sun-burned storage vendors and IT professionals here at the Storage Networking World Conference on Tuesday, Denzel said that the days of storage sitting at the kiddie table with mice, monitors and keyboards are over.

Denzel, who heads up the development and marketing of all things storage for HP, was reacting to the long standing stereotype of storage as an afterthought to servers, and cited mounting research that indicates servers will be peripheral to storage in three to five years. Forrester Research is forecasting that enterprise storage requirements will continue to grow by more than 50% per year, driving this phenomenon.

After calling for an end to the old school of thought, Denzel looked to the future, predicting future storage devices that seem to belong more on an episode of Star Trek than in John Q. Public's pocket.

"We're less than ten years away from Atomic Resolution Storage," said Denzel. "You'll be able to record your entire life on a device the size of a pen, Listen to your e-mail on earring, or read your e-mail in your eyeglasses."

HP is also working on a technology called i-shadow that lets your data follow you as you travel through a network of service providers. The data goes with you anywhere by following your other transactions.

Denzel also used her time at the podium to tout the benefits of HP's newly announced Federated Storage Area Management (FSAM) architecture, promising a ten-fold increase in storage scale using the same number of people for storage management.

FSAM incorporates technology ranging from large disk arrays to simple tape devices as well as storage area management software. HP announced a family of products that support the FSAM approach including the HP Network Storage Appliance, HP Surestore Virtual Array 7100, a family of virtual array enterprise software products, and the HP OpenView Storage Area Manager.

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