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Quick takes: Range of motion

BakBone at the Crossroads

BakBone Software, Inc., San Diego, Calif., a provider of storage management software, and Crossroads Systems, Inc., Austin, Texas, maker of connectivity for storage networking solutions, announced that BakBone's NetVault backup/restore software has been certified for compatibility with all Crossroads routers. By establishing a common interoperability, Crossroads and BakBone have developed a series of solutions for any kind or size of storage area network (SAN). NetVault, BakBone's flagship product, enables enterprises to migrate from network-attached storage (NAS) platforms to SANs without upgrades or additional software.

BakBone Software, Inc.

Crossroads Systems, Inc.

Birds of a feather flock for storage

FalconStor, Inc., a Melville, New York-headquartered network storage infrastructure software company, debuted the FalconStor Partner Program at the CMP Solution Provider Xchange. The program promotes the adoption of IP-based storage networking using IPStor software. IPStor lets companies aggregate and virtualize diverse storage resources via industry standard interfaces including Fibre Channel, SCSI, SSA, iSCSI and InfiniBand and provision storage in the form of SAN or NAS over IP. FalconStor's Partner Program features sales and marketing support, including dedicated sales and technical resources that will participate in joint sales calls. FalconStor will also conduct joint end-user seminars, product training, and technical support, as well as provide a comprehensive IPStor Certification Program to help ensure total customer satisfaction and on-going business wins.

FalconStor, Inc.

Inrange of a partnership

German optical networking company ADVA Optical Networking and Inrange Technologies, Inc., Ramsey, N.J., have broadened their existing partnership agreement to include new storage networking applications. With the new agreement, Inrange will sell the ADVA Fiber Service Platform (FSP) Product Portfolio under the Inrange IN-VSN Spectrum label, while ADVA will contract Inrange for field service and level 1 and 2 support. ADVA and INRANGE have had a joint selling history since 1995. ADVA FSP solutions are designed for high-speed enterprise and metropolitan area access networks to provide cost-effective, high-speed data, storage, and video services for applications such as disaster recovery, high-speed remote data mirroring, wide area data replication, remote data backup, digital content distribution, and storage outsourcing. ADVA's platforms support a range of services from 1.5Mbps to 2.5Gbps and can optically multiplex from one to 32 channels on a single fiber pair.

Inrange Technologies .

ADVA AG Optical Networking

Mirror, mirror

LSI Logic Corp., Milpitas, Calif., announced a new feature to its Fusion-MPT architecture. The new Integrated Mirroring feature provides RAID-like tolerance features for both LSI Logic's Ultra 320 and Fibre Channel SCSI I/O controllers at a reduced cost. It also provides data protection for the system boot drive therefore safeguarding information critical to the operating system information.

LSI Logic Corp.

Just StreamIT!

MaxOptix Corp., Fremont, Calif., unveiled the StreamIT, the first in a planned series of high-availability Tape RAID appliances. StreamIT features a fault tolerant chassis design with its PowerStream RAID controller for removable storage and Sony?s AIT-2 drive technology. The ?plug and play? StreamIT appliance boasts transfer rates of more than 2,200 M Bytes/min with up to 400G Bytes of capacity. The appliance supports both RAID level 1, with data mirrored across up to five individual drives or one or two pairs of drives and RAID level 3 operation where data and parity information are striped across five AIT-2 drives.

MaxOptix Corp.

Extending support for LTO

OTG Software, Inc., Bethesda, Md., a developer of online storage announced that its DiskXtender 2000 product now supports IBM's Linear Tape Open (LTO) tape technology. LTO is a high-capacity, high-end storage product for midrange and enterprise network servers, as well as SAN and NAS storage systems. DiskXtender 2000 provides automated file migration and access to enterprise data for Microsoft Windows NT/2000 operating systems. OTG recently launched two new products, DiskXtender for UNIX and DiskXtender for Linux, that are designed to address the storage access needs of customers operating in multiple platform environments.

OTG Software, Inc.

Is that a Pockey in your pocket?

Pockey Drives, Inc., Chatsworth, Calif., has released of a new portable storage device called the Pockey. The Pockey is a portable USB external hard disk drive that requires no additional power supply. The palm-sized Pockey is available in 10G Byte and 20G Byte models and is compatible with all laptop and desktop models for both PCs and MACs. The Pockey connects to a computer via a USB cable, which transmits all data and power therefore, no A/C adapter or batteries are required. Upon installation, each computer quickly recognizes the Pockey as a new hard drive and assigns it the next available drive letter. The Pockey can also be "hot-swapped" between computers without rebooting so file sharing is a breeze. The data transfer rate of the Pockey is up to 1.5M Bytes/sec and is available now through Ingram Micro for $ 249.95 for the 10G Byte model and $ 299.95 for the 20G Byte version.

Pockey Drives

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