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Quick Takes: Product parade

A Smart upgrade

Smart Storage, Inc., is moving to grab a piece of the Windows 2000 and Linux platform segment for its storage management software. The Andover, Mass., company announced major upgrades to several products from its On-Line Archive product family. SmartStor Archive v. 4.0 and SmartStor Jukeman v. 3.0, offer new functionality over previous versions, including support for the latest version of Windows 2000 and Linux. SmartStor Archive v. 4.0 is a read/write storage solution for DVD-RAM and DVD-R applications that virtualizes multiple physical libraries into a single logical file system and supports multiple-industry standard formats such as ISO9660, Rockridge, Apple HFS, and UDF. SmartStor Jukeman v. 3.0 is a read/write storage solution for multiple UNIX platforms including Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM-AIX. SmartStor Jukeman is completely media independent, allowing applications to view any combination of DVD, MO, WORM, and CD as one large network storage repository.

Smart Storage, Inc.

SanDisk intros 512M Byte CompactFlash Card

SanDisk Corp., Orlando, Fla., introduced a slew of new CompactFlash (CF) memory cards including the highest capacity card of its kind to date, the 512M Byte CF memory card. Also introduced were a 128M Byte SmartMedia memory card, and 256M Byte and 384M Byte standard CF cards. The additions to SanDisk's product lineup are targeting the new three and four megapixel, high-resolution digital cameras and Internet music players. The company said that having more than half a gigabyte of removable storage is an attractive prospect to consumers that hoard high-quality digital images, MP3 music files or video. Suggested retail prices for the 512M Byte, 384M Byte and 256M Byte cards are $799.00, $599.00 and $399.00, respectively. The 128M Byte SmartMedia card has a list price of $189.00. These removable storage cards are expected to be available in Q2 from camera dealers, distributors and major retailers.

SanDisk Corp.

JNI FC enables 2 G-Bit/sec RAID controller for SANs

JNI Corp., a manufacturer of enterprise-level storage area network (SAN) products, announced that its Emerald JNIC-1460 ASIC controller will power the industry's first 2 G-Bit/sec Fibre Channel RAID controller, the A8526, which was announced for general availability by Chaparral Network Storage, Inc. The JNIC-1460, designated the Emerald IV chip, is JNI's second-generation 2 Gb/sec Fibre Channel ASIC controller. The JNIC-1260-2G, designated the Emerald III, was the industry's first 2 Gb/sec Fibre Channel ASIC controller, delivered to the market in September 1999. The Chaparral 2 Gb/s A8526 RAID controller provides Fibre Channel connectivity for RAID storage systems by allowing easy attachment to Fibre Channel servers or SANs. The A8526 features JNI's Emerald IV Fibre Channel ASIC, which optimizes data processing and streaming. Additionally the controller features Chaparral's unique Dual-PCI bus architecture.

Chaparral Network Storage, Inc.

JNI Corp.

Legato expands remote backup for NAS

Legato Systems, Inc., said that its new solution reduces backup overhead and delivers block-level, online data protection as an NDMP tape server. The Mountain View, Calif.-headquartered maker of enterprise storage management software, announced the release of the Legato NetWorker SnapImage Module, which provides two distinct performance solutions for NetWorker 6.0.1 in one product. First, SnapImage enables enterprises to fully protect active file systems containing many small files in less time, with less application impact, and second, SnapImage enables remote backup of Network Attached Storage (NAS) filers to a Unix-attached library without using NFS, delivering faster backups with less network traffic. Initiated by Legato NetWorker, SnapImage takes a file system snapshot, builds a block list, and then writes the data to tape as one large file. Since less processing overhead is required, the strain on server resources is reduced and backup speeds are accelerated. Should disaster strike however, a full image, directory, or individual file can be quickly restored. Legato NetWorker SnapImage Module is available today for purchase supporting Solaris 2.6-7 and HPUX 11.0 32 & 64 bit systems, DLT 7000, 8000, 9840, 3590 and AIT-2 tape drives and storage environments managed by Legato NetWorker Network or Power Edition 6.0.1.

Legato Systems, Inc.

Storage Access completes the trifecta

Storage service provider (SSP) Storage Access, Inc., Boca Raton, Fla., a wholly owned subsidiary of Storage @ccess Technologies, Inc., announced the completion of its third Storage Network Access Point (SNAP) in Miami, Florida located at Switch & Data Facilities Co., and sitting on the Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas. It is one of five Tier-1 NAPs currently serving the North American market, to provide communications and bandwidth capabilities. This is currently Storage Access's third facility including its demo/showcase facility in Boca Raton, Florida, which was completed last month, and its facility in San Diego, Calif., which currently provides exclusively web-based storage services. The new facility will provide advanced storage management services including backup and restore, capacity-on-demand, replication, business continuance, and other offerings. The SNAP is Storage Access' first fully functional and fully scalable production facility and will scale to more than 20T Bytes and support hundreds of servers.

Storage Access, Inc.

Procom premiers 7T Byte NAS

Procom Technology, Inc., Irvine, Calif., a manufacturer of network attached storage (NAS) appliances, has introduced the latest addition to its enterprise-level NetFORCE 3000 series of NAS filers the 3200C cluster. Available immediately, the selling price for 7T Byte capacity is $319,000 or 4.5 cents per M Byte. Offering up to 96 drives with proportional performance increases, the 3200C is the highest capacity NetFORCE filer currently available. The 3200C filers rely on high-density Fibre Channel technology for back-end storage sub-system and are deployed in a clustered environment, thus eliminating any single point of failure. The NF 3200C also employs dual-active Fibre RAID controllers, redundant cooling fans and redundant power supplies.

Procom Technology, Inc.

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