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Quick Takes: Connections, commitments and contracts

Dot Hill in deal with Comverse

Dot Hill Systems Corp., Carlsbad, Calif., a designer and manufacturer storage area network (SAN) solutions, has entered into an OEM agreement with software and systems maker Comverse Network Systems, a division of Comverse Technology, Inc. Comverse will integrate Dot Hill's SANnet storage systems into its Trilogue Infinity line of telecommunications systems.

Comverse Network Systems

Dot Hill Systems Corp.

Toshiba debuts's new PC Card Hard Disk Drive

The Computer System Group (CSG) of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Irvine, Calif., announced the availability of its new 2.0G Byte, 1.8-inch Type II PC Card Hard Disk Drive (HDD). Toshiba's credit card-sized HDD weighs in at less than two ounces and boasts a data back-up capacity equivalent to three CDs, the HDD also serves as a bridging device to transfer digital data from electronic equipment with a PC Card slot with a data transfer rate of up to 20M Bytes/sec. The 2.0G Byte Type II PC Card HDD will be available for purchase in February 2001 at an estimated single unit price of $459.

Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.

BakBone, Spectra Logic announce strategic alliance

BakBone Software, Inc., San Diego, Calif., and Spectra Logic Corp., Boulder, Colo., are teaming to provide channel partners and corporate end-users a full range of data protection solutions to meet their storage needs, with a special focus on the convergence between network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area networks (SANs). The companies will cooperate on coordinated marketing, development and engineering activities designed to produce new solutions. The first result of the BakBone/Spectra Logic alliance is the certification of Spectra Logic's Spectra 2000 and 10000 tape libraries with BakBone's NetVault storage management software. The certification tests were jointly performed at BakBone's interoperability lab in San Diego, California and at Spectra Logic's interoperability lab in Boulder, Colorado.

BakBone Software, Inc.

Spectra Logic Corp.

Tandberg Data developing new storage technology

Tandberg Data ASA, Oslo, Norway, announced that their wholly owned subsidiary O-MaSS (Opto-Magnetic Storage Systems) are on track in developing the company's patented technology for "opto-magnetic data storage." According to Tandberg, this technology enables the storage of far larger amounts of data than today, at a lower price, and will offer very high transfer rates and rapid access to data. The goal of the development project, which was first presented in October, is to develop new products capable of providing up to 10T Bytes of storage capacity on a single removable cartridge. The new technology combines magnetic writing and optical reading of data on standard magnetic media, such as tape.

Tandberg Data ASA

Connex unveils SANavigator 1.5

Connex, a San Jose, Calif.-based developer of storage area network (SAN) and network-attached storage (NAS) solutions, has released the latest version of its SAN management software SANavigator Version 1.5. Connex is hailing the new version as the first comprehensive solution that supports the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA) Host Bus Adapter (HBA) API for in-band discovery. In addition to using this feature to provide key management information, Version 1.5 supports (data path) zoning for more devices, provides additional integration features for a variety of applications, and includes a software development kit for support of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Roman characters. SANavigator Version 1.5, a Java-based storage management application that operates as a host for other storage management applications, utilities and tools from major storage vendors, includes an Auto Discovery feature that performs a complete inventory of all SAN and NAS resources. The SANmap component of SANavigator presents an intuitive visual map of the SAN showing all devices and their interconnections. It allows a manager to establish new zones, create redundant paths and other management routines, completing with just a few mouse clicks a process that previously took several hours. It provides, for example, LUN (Logical Unit Number) level information on RAID arrays, and the firmware version of SAN devices.

Connex' SANavigator

Lucent's holographic venture

Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, N.J., has begun a new venture, called InPhase Technologies, which is developing high-performance holographic data storage media and systems. Using technology in recording media and systems developed at Bell Laboratories, the research and development arm of Lucent, InPhase Technologies will design holographic systems that combine high storage density with high-speed access and fast parallel transfer rates. Unlike other methods that record data only on the surface of a disk, holographic data storage allows recording through the entire thickness of the material, which allows for an increase in storage density. In addition, much higher transfer rates are achievable because the data is stored and recalled in "page format," which can be accessed one million bits at a time.

Lucent Technologies, Inc.

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