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Quick Takes: Debuts and deals

Quick Takes: Debuts and deals Kevin Komiega, Assistant News Editor

Dell debuts next generation SAN

Dell, Round Rock, Texas, has debuted a set of new storage systems and software that comprise its fourth-generation storage area network (SAN) offering. The company touts the new products as providing a solution for critical data protection and storage management features at competitive prices. Dell's next-generation SAN integrates a new Fibre Channel array with enhanced software for managing storage resources. By linking multiple storage arrays, customers can now integrate up to 20 servers and manage up to 70T Bytes of storage on one SAN. To simplify and standardize PowerVault SAN implementations, Dell will offer the SAN hardware, software, service and support in optimized bundled configurations with prices starting at less than $45,000 for an entry-level, high availability SAN.

Dell Computer Corp.

Dot Hill unveils full Fibre solution

Dot Hill Systems Corp., Carlsbad, Calif., a designer, manufacturer and supplier of data storage and storage area network (SAN) solutions, has unveiled the full Fibre Channel SANnet 7000 series. The SANnet 7000 series is the newest member of Dot Hill's SANnet family of storage solutions and features enhancements in management, performance, reliability and capacity over previous generations. The initial member of the full Fibre SANnet 7000 series, the SANnet 7100, delivers seamless migration from the SANnet 3000 series (SCSI/SCSI) and the SANnet 4000 series (SCSI/fibre). The full Fibre SANnet 7100 system delivers a SAN-ready, redundant Fibre Channel network that directly supports up to 16 servers and can scale to more than 58T Bytes of data. The SANnet 7100 also features Fibre Channel server-attached RAID controllers that can support up to 160 disks each, depending on configuration. Usable disk space is 5.8T Bytes per controller pair with 10,000-RPM 73G Byte drives.

Dot Hill Systems Corp.

Semper Fi! Automated tape!

Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC), Redmond, Wash., has scored a contract to provide automated tape libraries for more than 40 United States Marine Corps (USMC) network centers around the world. The contract, valued at nearly $1 million is for three different models of the company's Scalar series libraries, all integrating AIT2 recording technology. The libraries cover capacities from one T Byte for the smallest models up to 16.6T Bytes for the largest. The AIT2 tape technology selected for the USMC data protection installations provides an average access time of less than 30 seconds to any file on a 100G Byte tape.

Advanced Digital Information Corp.

Bringing LAN-free backup to the Galaxy

CommVault Systems, Inc., Oceanport, N.J., and Pathlight Technology, Inc., Ithaca, N.Y., announced the certification of the CommVault Galaxy Enterprise 2000 data and storage management software suite with Pathlight's SAN Gateway. The combination of the Galaxy Enterprise 2000 software's logical-view interface for managing heterogeneous data and Pathlight's SAN Gateway with Data Mover option for LAN-free backup allows administrators to deploy complementary technologies to enhance data availability and backup and recovery manageability within networked storage architectures.

Pathlight Technology, Inc.

CommVault Systems, Inc.

Storage Computer goes to school

Storage Computer Corp., Nashua, N.H., has released its TeleServer product line, a solution addressing network-managed, remotely controlled media storage, encoding and delivery targeted for the educational and local cable broadcast communities. Storage Computer's integrated system is based on its advanced RAID storage and data delivery architectures. The system entails a media content creation station, media access terminals, network-attached decoders and media storage and delivery mechanisms for digitization, archiving, retrieval and delivery of video content through Internet, Intranets and existing cable television systems. The TeleServer facilitates the conversion of analog media to digitally encoded files that can be stored, archived and scheduled for transmission over cable feeds that could connect a college to local cable television, or over a campus Intranet direct to viewing stations or PCs.

Storage Computer Corp.

Vertices extended to NetWorker operations

Open systems tape/media management company B&L Associates, Inc., Needham, Mass., announced that its Vertices tape/media management system now integrates with Legato's NetWorker backup and recovery system. Through Legato NetWorker, Vertices provides automatic tape logging for removable media in heterogeneous operating environments. This capability extends the backup and recovery control offered by Legato NetWorker to tapes and other removable media created by Microsoft Windows NT/2000, UNIX and Linux servers. B&L's Vertices tape/media management system leverages Legato's comprehensive backup and recovery services by using Automation Agents that extend NetWorker's application file logging conventions to the Vertices environment. In this way, a single logging system controls online, offline and even archived tapes to ensure data recovery and the protection of critical data.

B&L Associates, Inc.

Legato Systems, Inc.

Quantum and NetApp team on NAS backup for Filers

ATL, an Irvine, Calif.-based unit of Quantum Corp.'s DLT and Storage Systems Group and Network Appliance, Inc. (NetApp), Sunnyvale, Calif., announced the immediate availability of ATL's network-attached storage (NAS) backup solution for filers using Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) technology. The NAS backup solution lets NetApp filers to directly backup data over a network to any available tape drive within an ATL P-Series library. The NAS backup solution uses a Cisco switch, such as the Catalyst 6500 series, or other standard GbE switch to connect the ATL automated tape library solution directly to a network; ATL's Prism Management Card (PMC) is a powerful embedded server able to handle a multitude of tasks including Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) responsibilities; and Veritas NetBackup or other NDMP-compliant software solutions for unattended backup for several terabytes of data. The NAS backup solution is now shipping, with pricing for the full solution starting at $145,000.

Network Appliance, Inc.

Quantum ATL

Legato earns Win2k certification

Storage management software maker Legato Systems, Inc.'s Legato Cluster Enterprise, Legato Octopus, and Legato wanCluster for Windows NT and Windows 2000 have been approved for Windows 2000 certification. Legato said Microsoft logo-certified solutions benefit its customers by providing support in a mixed Windows environment, lower support costs, compatibility testing by industry experts and compatibility with other logo-certified software and hardware.

Legato Systems, Inc.

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