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HP packs a punch with new storage offerings

HP packs a punch with new storage offerings Kevin Komiega, Assistant News Editor

Hewlett-Packard Co. rang in the New Year with the debut new set of storage offerings aimed at the growing service provider market and designed to deliver more bang for the storage buck in a time where size really does matter.

The HP Surestore Disk System 2100 is a 1U rack-optimized, 4-slot disk system for desk-side, desktop and rack configurations. Maxing out at a 900G Byte storage capacity, HP says the DS 2100 is a versatile solution that plays well in multiple environments, emphasizing the company's strategy for storage.

"Our strategy is to offer inexpensive, high density storage," said John Szlendak, product manager for Palo Alto, Calif.-headquartered HP.

Also on tap for the first part of 2001 is the first half-height version of the Ultrium drive based on the Linear Tape Open (LTO) tape format. A high performance drive developed by IBM, HP, and Seagate Technology.

Dave Fowler, product manager for HP said the Surestore Ultrium 215 is for those willing to give up a little performance for the lower form factor and price. The 215 features a transfer rate of 15M Bytes/sec while the larger version, the 230, performs at 30M Bytes/sec. Both drives feature one button disaster recovery and data rate matching capabilities and are available in internal, external , rackmount models. The trade off is that the 215 is half the size of the 230 and costs 40% less. The 215 rack mount tape drive is expected to begin shipping on March 1, 2001, with starting price of $3,900.

Adding to its Ultrium offering, HP also unveiled the Surestore Tape Array 5300 scalable rack enclosure, which allows between one and four Ultrium 215s to be racked in a 3U space. The TA 5300 supports DLT, LTO, and M2 tape formats and will support DVD and DAT in the future.

"These products are really targeted for the enterprise, service provider markets like local Internet Service Providers and data warehousers," said Fowler.

The HP Surestore Disk System 2100 is expected to begin shipping on March 1, 2001, at under $500, while the HP Surestore Tape Array 5300 is expected to be available April 1, 2001, with an estimated price of $700.

Last week, HP consolidated its storage management software products, including those offered by its Network Storage Solutions Organization (NSSO) and OpenView Business Unit. The move is an effort to improve management of direct-attached and network attached storage (NAS) devices, SAN devices, device management, backup and HSM software, and network and systems management products.

"Our storage is a space saver," added Szlendak. "The cost of racks, the cost of where you're putting your servers, it's really expensive."

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