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Quick Takes: Partners, production and pre-tests

Westlake Village, Calif.-based Troika Networks, Inc., and Network Appliance, Inc. (NetApp), Sunnyvale, Calif., have entered into a formal relationship in which NetApp will integrate Troika's Zentai Controller technology into its Enterprise filers, to simplify the management of storage area networks (SANs) and boost performance of serving data from Fibre Channel SANs to applications. The Controller solution, the only Fibre Channel controller, utilizing the VI (Virtual Interface) standard, will enable integration of NetApp storage appliances within Fibre Channel storage networking environments, powering server-to-server and filer-to-filer data exchange. With this agreement, Network Appliance plans to integrate Troika's controllers into future filer products.

Network Appliance, Inc.

Troika Networks, Inc.

If it ain't broke...

Overland Data, Inc., and Compaq announced a continuation of their seven year OEM relationship that has Overland supplying Compaq its mid-range tape library based on the reliable DLT8000 technology to support Compaq storage solutions. Overland's DLT LibraryXpress is the backbone for Compaq Storageworks TL891DLX tape library and is available with either one or two 40/80G Byte DLT tape drives and 10 cartridge slots, providing an automated native storage capacity of up to 400G Bytes. The system can be scaled up to six modules for a maximum configuration of 2T Bytes native backup capacity and backup performance of up to 216 G Bytes/hour.

Overland Data, Inc.

NSI's products get IBM's blessing

NSI Software's Double-Take and GeoCluster products have received IBM's ServerProven and ClusterProven validation and registration on the IBM Netfinity server platform. Double-Take replicates selected files or entire storage devices from one or more source servers to one or more target servers across existing IP local or wide area networks bye capturing and replicating only byte-level changes as they occur. GeoCluster integrates with Microsoft Cluster Service (MSCS) to create geographically distributed clusters with replicated data to eliminate the hardware dependency and single point of failure of a shared disk cluster.

NSI Software

Partners in SAN

OTG Software, Inc., Bethesda, Md., a software developer of online storage has joined JNI Corp.'s SANpartners program. As a JNI SANpartner, OTG will certify its storage area network (SAN) storage software products, SANXtender and DiskXtender 2000 with JNI's family of Host Bus Adapters (HBA), including certification with JNI's 2 G-Bit/sec technology in Q1 2001. OTG's SANXtender provides bi-directional management and access to data stored in SANs while the SANXtender software provides automated, centralized storage of data.

JNI Corp.

OTG Software, Inc.

BitMicro unveils hot-swappable solid-state disk

The E-Disk SCD35 hot-swappable solid-state storage solution is the latest release from BitMicro Networks, Inc., San Diego, Calif. Designed to meet Level 4 Hot Swap criteria, the SCD35 can be inserted and removed from a server, RAID system or a JBOD environment without powering down. The E-Disk SCD35 features an access time of less than 0.049 milliseconds and random sustained and burst read and write transfer rates of more than 34 M-Bytes/sec and 40M-Bytes/sec respectively. It offers a non-volatile solid-state flash storage capacity ranging from 256M Bytes up to 37G Bytes. The E-Disk SCD35 is a replacement for any standard single-ended or LVD SCSI 3.5-inch hard drive, flash disk or solid-state disk drive with an 80-pin SCA-2 connector.

BitMicro Networks, Inc.

CommVault and Brocade team on LAN-free backup

CommVault Systems Inc., Oceanport, N.J., and Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., San Jose, Calif., have teamed on the release of Brocade Solutionware configuration for LAN-free backup and data management in storage area network (SAN) environments. Through CommVault's Galaxy Enterprise 2000 data and storage management software suite, the configuration offers the ability to restore individual messages into Microsoft Outlook mailboxes, online, within SAN environments. The pre-tested configuration for Microsoft Exchange includes CommVault's Galaxy Enterprise 2000, Brocade SilkWormFibre Channel fabric switches, Compaq StorageWorks hardware and conXsan storage routers from Crossroads. Fibre Channel-based LAN-free backup is able to streamline data storage functions and increase network throughput.

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

CommVault Systems, Inc.

American Megatrends renames IDE RAID Controller

In an effort to bring all its RAID products under the brand name MegaRAID, American Megatrends, Inc. (AMI), Atlanta, Ga., has renamed its IDE RAID line as MegaRAID IDE. The MegaRAID IDE100 features data striping (RAID 0), mirroring (RAID 1) and a combination of both (RAID 10). The MegaRAID family also includes the Enterprise, Elite, Explorer and Express lines of RAID controllers.

American Megatrends, Inc.

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