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Vicom strikes deal with StorageNetworks

StorageNetworks, Inc., and Vicom Systems, Inc., Fremont, Calif., have entered into an engineering development alliance under which the two companies will develop storage virtualization technology for StorageNetworks' Global Data Storage Network (GDSN).

The joint engineering activities are intended to tailor Vicom products to meet the requirements of StorageNetworks GDSN. Technologies co-developed by the two companies will be made exclusively available to StorageNetworks for a period of time. Vicom also said that StorageNetworks has made an equity investment in the company of an undisclosed amount.

"Our joint efforts will support StorageNetworks' continuing objective to develop proprietary storage network and software technology and infrastructure that enable StorageNetworks to efficiently and reliably deliver data storage as a service," said Bill Miller, co-founder and chief technology officer of StorageNetworks.

Samuel Tam, CEO of Vicom Systems, said that Vicom Systems is seeking similar technology agreements with other companies engaged in Storage Area Networking.

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