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Update: Connex layoffs number 23

Connex, Inc., the network-attached storage (NAS) and storage area network (SAN) software arm of Western Digital Corp., laid off 23 employees last week, a significantly lower number than the 100 cuts originally reported on Friday.

In response to reports from two anonymous sources to searchStorage that the company had severely slashed its workforce in a round of major cutbacks, Connex issued a statement calling the reports "greatly exaggerated."

According to a company spokesperson Connex reduced its workforce by 23 employees as part of a realignment of its marketing and sales strategy for its NAS systems and SAN software products. Connex said that the realignment is based on a refined go-to-market strategy focused on OEM customers, select Systems Integrators and SAN infrastructure partners�channels and markets to which Connex is fully committed.

The company said the new focus on fewer, high-volume accounts will require fewer sales and marketing people, causing the reduction in force to be primarily in the sales and marketing areas.

Employment at Connex after the layoff stands at 109 full-time employees and 22 contractors.

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