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Quick Takes: Software, drives and the final frontier

Better than the philharmonic

DataCore Software Corp., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has beefed up its SANsymphony software product with new capabilities. The upgrade to DataCore's flagship virtualization software, available immediately, delivers simplified configuration, administration and operation of network storage resources while accelerating virtual disk performance. SANsymphony is a storage area network (SAN) management solution for consolidating mixed storage devices into a fault-resilient, centrally managed networked storage pool.

DataCore Software Corp.

Sony unveils fifth generation optical drive

Sony Electronics has debuted its fifth generation 5.25-inch magneto-optical (MO) drive, doubling the capacity of its 5.2G Byte MO drive to 9.1G Bytes, and increasing its data transfer rate performance by up to 20 percent. The new multifunctional drive offers 14 times the capacity of the first generation 650M Byte MO drive, and is backward read compatible with all four previous generations of media. The new MO drive models spin 9.1G Byte media at 3,000 RPM and feature Sony's buffering/caching algorithm (8MB S-Cache) and fast SCSI interface. The drives provide a sustained data transfer rate of more than 6M-Bits/sec, a maximum burst transfer rate of 20M-Bits/sec, and an average seek time of 25 milliseconds. In addition, the drives can read and write to 9.1G Byte, 5.2G Byte, 2.6G Byte MO and Continuous Composite Write Once (CCW) media. The Sony SMO-F561 internal MO drives will be available next month through OEM, industrial distribution and reseller channels for $2,600.

Sony Corp.

Plasmon to support new MO drives

Minneapolis, Minn.-based Plasmon plc. announced plans to incorporate the new multi-functional 9.1G Byte, 14X magneto optical (MO) drives from long-time technology partner Sony into its M-Series 5.25-inch optical libraries and future optical automation products. Plasmon will offer certified ISO standard double-sided media in both rewritable and WORM formats with the new MOD 910 MO disk drives. The new drives will increase Plasmon's 5.25-inch automation capacity range from 182G Bytes for 20-slot libraries to 4.55T Bytes for 500-slot libraries. The previous capacity range was 104 G Bytes to 2.6T Bytes. Availability of the Sony 14X drives within Plasmon's MO libraries is scheduled for January 2001.

Plasmon plc.

Man your Winstations

Winstation Systems Corp., Moses Lake, Wash., announced OEM availability of the Winstation "HYDRA" SCSI floppy disk drive. At 32 mm or 25.4 mm in height, the Winstation drive uses standard 1.44 M Bytes diskettes. The HYDRA drives are available in the standard 25.4-mm (one inch) high form factor for all industry 3.5" bay applications. It is also available in 32-mm (1-5/16") height when 5-1/4" applications are required or the O.E.M. has an extra high 3.5" bay. The SCSI floppy disk drive utilities SCSI I and SCSI II technology and is compatible with most industrial software plus Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows 98, NT, Windows 2000, Linux and Unix, BSO and Wind River operating systems. The new drive starts at $135.00.

Winstation Systems Corp.

Qualstar using Mammoth-2

Exabyte Corp., Boulder, Colo., said that its Exabyte M2 (Mammoth-2) tape drive would be incorporated in Qualstar Corp.'s TLS-4000 tape library family. The M2 tape drive offers data throughput of 12M-Bits/sec and a capacity of 60G Bytes in a half-high form factor. Twelve TLS-4000 tape library models are currently available, providing scalable capacities from 720G Bytes to 90T Bytes. Options on the TLS-4000 tape libraries with M2 technology include Fibre Channel interface and rack mount kits.

Exabyte Corp.

Qualstar Corp.

Take it to the MaXX

Reston, Va.-headquartered W. Quinn Associates, Inc., a developer of quota management and disk reporting tools, announced the general availability of SpaceMaXX SRM , a family of storage resource management reporting tools for desktops, server-attached storage, storage-attached networks, and network-attached storage (NAS) devices. SpaceMaXX SRM monitors disk space consumption at the partition level; enables usage thresholds to be set on specific drives, triggers web-based "best practice" reports at scheduled times, as requested, or as disk utilization thresholds are reached, and takes any pre-determined action to regain wasted disk space. The product family includes SpaceMaXX SRM Server, which runs on Windows NT/2000, 9x servers and NAS devices; and SpaceMaXX SRM Professional, which runs on single Windows NT/2000, 95, 98, or Millennium Edition ("ME") desktop computers.

W. Quinn Associates, Inc.

Zzyzx blasts off with new RAID systems

Zzyzx Peripherals, Inc., San Diego, Calif., manufacturer of storage area network (SAN) disk and tape storage solutions, has expanded its RocketSTOR brand of RAID array storage systems with two additions, the Zzyzx' RocketSTOR 1000 and RocketSTOR 500-S. The RocketSTOR 1000 is a new departmental class Fibre Channel interfaced SAN-ready RAID array designed for UNIX and NT computing applications requiring up to 2.8T Bytes of disk storage. The RocketSTOR 500-S is aimed at simple server-attached SCSI storage requirements through the new Ultra 160 SCSI connectivity. This midrange system is also for UNIX and NT and provides up to 1.6T Bytes of storage.

Zzyzx Peripherals, Inc.

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