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Quick takes: Roadmaps, formats and family members

Sony gets dense

Sony Corp., is developing an optical data storage system called the "5.25-inch Ultra Density Optical (UDO) Format," with more than 40G Bytes of recording capacity. Sony is positioning the UDO format as the successor to the Magneto-Optical (MO) disk system, and said that the format should be finalized by the spring of 2001 for product launch in late 2002. According to Sony it will actively promote the "5.25-inch UDO format" as the optical disk storage system that offers a high capacity storage solution for data servers. In the future, development efforts will be undertaken to further increase the recording capacity to 80G Bytes and 120G Bytes.

Sony Corp.

HP: The next generation

Wasting no time, Hewlett-Packard Co. announced that it intends to integrate Sony's Ultra Density Optical (UDO) disk technology into the next generation of its optical jukebox products for expected delivery to the corporate and enterprise document management and archiving markets in late 2002. The initial 40G Byte per cartridge capacity for the technology will be achieved through the use of a violet laser and advanced optics, and will be available in both rewritable and WORM (write once, read many) formats. Palo Alto, Calif.-based HP currently offers magneto-optical products ranging from 5.2G Bytes drives to 1.2T Byte jukeboxes in a price range of $2,995 to $105,200.

Hewlett-Packard Co.

It's all in the family

Exabyte Corp. is out for mass appeal supporting all major tape formats with a pair of new additions to its family of multi-technology tape libraries and autoloaders. The design of this family of products accommodates MammothTape and LTO Ultrium technologies and, according to the Boulder, Colo.-headquartered company, will soon include DLTtape technology. The newest members of the family are the 215M MammothTape library and the 110L LTO Ultrium autoloader, powered by LTO Ultrium tape drives, represent the most cost-effective automation solutions available now. Complementing these offerings is the company's 430M MammothTape library that began shipping in September. The 215M will ship in November 2000, and the 110L began shipping in October 2000. List prices start at $10,000.

Exabyte Corp.

Are you available?

Boston, Mass.-based Astrum Software Corp., debuted the StorCast Interconnect Monitor, a storage resource management application that verifies the availability of all storage devices, storage area network (SAN), network-attached storage (NAS), network appliances and systems running various operating systems, such as Windows 2000/NT/9x, UNIX, LINUX, HP-UX, OpenVMS and others.

Astrum Software Corp.

Can't decide? Get the combo

Winstation Systems Corp. has introduced new versions of MediaPak, a multimedia data storage combination drive that combines both a customer selected slimline removable magnetic media device, and a CD-ROM or CD-RW, in a single drive unit. Types of drives include LS-120, Zip 100 and 250, 1.44 FDD, CD-ROM, CD-RW and DVD technology. All MediaPak versions are shipping today and are priced from $159 to $539 in OEM quantity and depending on type of configuration. Winstation is located in Moses Lake, Wash.

Winstation Systems Corp.

Let's swap

Fremont, Calif.-based flash disk and solid-state data storage developer BiTMicro Networks Inc., has released the E-Disk SCW35 non-volatile solid-state flash storage capacity ranging from 256M Bytes up to 18.6G Bytes in a 3.5-inch standard form factor. The SCW35 is hot-swappable and can be inserted and removed from a server, RAID system or a JBOD environment without powering down. At this level, the removal or insertion of the E-Disk can be implemented even while the affected bus may have active ongoing I/O processes. The E-Disk SCW35 features access time of less than 0.049 milliseconds and random sustained and burst read and write transfer rates of more than 34M-Bytes/sec and 40M-Bytes/sec respectively.

BiTMicro Networks Inc.

NAS fans, Start your engines!

StorageEngine Voyager is the latest plug-and-go network-attached storage (NAS) appliance and the first in a family of storage products from Network Engines, Inc., Canton, Mass. A single purpose server appliance designed for small internet server clusters, the StorageEngine Voyager provides up to 144G Bytes of data in 1U (1.75 inches), and an additional 288G Bytes of storage in a 1U optional disk array called StorageArray, for a total of 432G Bytes in 2U. Pricing for Storage Engine Voyager begins at under $15,000 and ranges to $37,000. The products will begin shipping this month.

Network Engines, Inc

Let me see that roadmap

Plasmon IDE, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., has announced the roadmap for its 12-inch optical TrueWORM technology products that it said would extend capacity of its drives and media from the current 30G Bytes to 240G Bytes per disc by the year 2005. Plasmon plans to release the next generation 60G Byte drives and single layer media by mid-2002, move to 120G Bytes and dual layer media by the end of 2003 and 240G Bytes by mid-2005. The technology supporting these large capacity gains is based on implementing violet lasers. Due to the shorter wavelength of violet lasers as compared to red lasers used with DVD and CD optical recording today, there is a 2.6 X improvement in a real density, narrowing the gap between the media's pits and lands.

Plasmon IDE

Keep a low profile

American Megatrends, Inc., announced its first Ultra160 PCI SCSI low profile RAID controller, the MegaRAID Express 550. The Norcross, Ga.-headquartered company said the Express 550 MD2 size RAID controller is a space saver, targeted for 1U and 2U servers.. The Express 550 entry-level PCI RAID controller with one Ultra160 SCSI channel offers advanced RAID management utilities and software features.

American Megatrends, Inc.

Switching it up

McData Corp., Broomfield, Colo., has released its ES-3016 Switch, a 16-port enterprise fabric switch that extends traditional data center functionality to mid-range environments, or department levels, McData said. The ES-3016 Switch has implementation flexibility designed in, allowing it to be the backbone of a department-sized SAN or be integrated into enterprise-wide infrastructure. With an estimated list price of $26,500, the ES-3016 Switch will have limited availability through December and will be generally available beginning January 2001. The ES-3016 Switch begins shipping to customers this month.

McData Corp.

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